Thursday, June 27, 2013

Waazup ya'll!

Beck Family!

Wazzup ya'll. Oh my goodness is it a fun time out in Compton. I think I have ran into about every person imaginable out here. I met a real shoalin monk, shaved head and orange robes and all. I have met real Jews from Israel, long beards yammacas, and they all sound exaclty like the Jews on Seinfeld, as in they shout every word they say. That show was suprisingly accurate. The gangsters here are really cool, they rap for us and ask is anybody is messing with us. And if we said that somebody was, I'm pretty sure that they would straight up go and gun them down. Nobody messes with missionaries, or our bikes. We chained our bikes on this one super sketchy street that we arent even allowed to go on at night, but this was noon day, and we were talking to some guys who said that we shouldnt worry about our bikes getting stolen, cause that was a gang banging street, and thieves get shot by gang bangers. Needless to say, our bikes were still there a couple hours later. There we some guys that stayed outside on their porches all afternoon i think just to make sure nobody took our stuff. They just set their pieces out on their railings so every body could see, and then they just lean back in their chairs and watched out bikes. That is the Compton safety gurantee. My area is nearly all of Compton, and covers just a slive of West Dominiquez, which looks and acts just like the rest of Compton. The area is From Atlantic to Willmington by Greenleaf to Alondra.
I am safe cause I am obedient and pray a lot. If those things stop, im sure that is when the situation could get a little more sticky. But I am confident that if i keep up with those two things, all will be alright out here in Compton. No worries Mom, just lots of prayer

So yes, just lots of dirty ghetto and fun. I will be looking for the photo book, cause goodness i need it out here, every hispanic just wants to see your family, and then tell you their life story of theirs. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIERRA!!!! I know its like a few days late, but still counts. And for the rest of the family, have a good week, keep having fun, read your Book Of Mormon.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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