Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Farewell

Dallin's Farewell
Pioneer Bldg.
Samuel --youth speaker
Sierra played the flute---I Hope they Call me on a Mission, Call to Serve, and We'll Bring the World his Truth

It was quite a full house for Dallin's farewell. Many of his friends from school, our Autumns hills ward youth--mainly the Priest quorum, his cousins, aunts, uncles and some of our friends who have known Dallin his whole life.  He is the beginning of a giant wave on missionaries from the Autumn Hills ward and our new Pioneer ward.  The Bishop wanted him to talk about how he decided to go on a mission and how his excitement for that call of being able to go when you are 18 and the decisions that help him along the way to get to this point. 
I think everyone in Herriman  could feel Dallin's excitement for this day.  He had many of his friends there and he was talking right to them and all the youth, very animated and real.  You could feel that he's a balloon ready to burst.
Looking good in my new suit!
 Samuel was the youth speaker and talked about why you should go on a mission.  He said that you are just supposed to go, but really didn't think he knew why...But he really does.  He is happy Dallin had decided to go and at 18. Afterwards he and Dallin had a cute exchange on the stand. Samuel said he was so hot! and Glad that was over!  So Dallin talked about the moment he found out that the mission age had been changed to 18.  He was at the soccer field, watching Samuel's soccer game and getting texts from his friends with all this big news.  And Shawn and I were on our cruise so we didn't get this info till later.  On Wednesday of that week he met with the Bishop and Dallin laid out his plan of why he would be ready to go at 19.  The Bishop just smiled and told Dallin he knew what he should do and to do it.  Dallin left his office and not two minutes later, was back in his office saying,  "I'm going on a mission Bishop!" So the paperwork began.  He drove very fast, I'm sure, home and he bounced in the door with the paper in his hand yelling, "I"m going on a mission!!"  OK!!! What an awesome moment!  He was quite the "chicken with his head cut off" full of excitement future missionary!  It was time to put the Lord first. 
He then talked about how that was a pivotal moment in deciding to go, but there have been many small moments when that decision had already been made.  From a primary activity to young mens activities, he has always said he was going to go.  And how the peace of making good decisions in your life brings you peace and how that makes you happy.  He knows going on a mission is right and he knows that my making that decision, he has made the Lords happy as well.
I think his farewell talk will be remembered as a real life, comic view of how one feels the spirit, acts on promptings, and lets the world know.
Dallin after getting his endowments out at Oquirrh. Mt. Temple

Grandma Sue and aunt April  came too!