Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mom's mistake!

Ok blogger world,
It looks like I missed two posts from Dallin!  They were stuck in my draft section of the blog and I didn't get them posted! So forgive!  And now they are out of order so sorry again for that!  Just keep on reading about the adventures of my Dallin.

I'm in a TRIO again, 6th time for my mission(July 28th)

Beck Family!

S last week of the transfers this last week. Pretty good. Crazy thing happened. My companion got called to be the new AP! Elder N who has only 8 months in the mission is going to be the new ap, which basically means he is going to be my boss. he had only been a zl for 1 transfer with me, and now he is off. Crazy. He is the most charitable person i had ever met, for real, this guy jjust radiates kindess and love. Crazy, probably going to be an apostle. But because of that we had to go to the office 5 seperate times this week for various ap related things. Crazy busy. But we got it all done.
We have also been teaching a father and son named D and J. I used to teach them my first transfer here, but we then dropped them, but just recently picked them back up because a member told us to go by them. We did, and found that they have been super prepared for the gospel, its been awesome. They have baptismal dates for the 17th, and they are really strong. They have come to church 3 weeks in a row, and are doing great.

We had a ward missionary activity on saturday at a park. We played soccer and had a carne asada bbq. It was a great activity and a lot of people came and had a good time. D also came with his family, and they got to play with the ward and meet everybody and they just fit in perfectly. Afterwards, the member that told us to go by them offered to take them to the temple right then and there. They said yes, so immediatley after the ward activity they went to the LA temple and to the visitors center there and did all of the fun stuff. They watched that movie that makes everybody cry about eteranl families, and had another really spiritual experience. He is already talking to us about how excited he is for his baptism. The work is just going so good here.

I am staying in Pico for another transfer, i am getting a new companion named elder L, and another companion named elder G. yep, trio time again for elder beck. incase you are counting this is the 6th trio of my mission. I'm gonna be training elder L as a zone leader like i did elder N, and elder G is not a zl, so it is going t obe interesting. God does everything with a reason. gonna be super fun. Anyways, i love you family so much, take care, keep sending the pics, and still have fun!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

Pretty normal week... NOT(Aug 22)

Beck Family!

This last week, pretty average...


Since when has any week of my mission been average? Since when have i started an email with average? Never! and this week kept up the crazy.

Me and elder L had a crazy lesson like 2 days ago with this guy. He is a pentecostal christain. What that means is that he is the type that jumps up and puts his hands in the hair at church and yells hallelujah. Now i have taught lots of pentecostals before in my mission, and i have had some of my funniest moments trying to teach them in a spiritual way when all they want to do is "Praize da Low'rd"

So we are teaching him
 the restoration. We are going along, when suddenly he says, 'you know how i got my testimony?' He then proceeds to tell a 20 minute story that i kid you not what absolutley without reservation completely crazy. He started with how he crossed into the states, about how his coyote left him to do, about how he drank his own urine, about how he got tear gassed, and eventually in the states how he decided to return to mexico to get his family, and repeat the whole process again, then cast a demon out his grandaughters boyfriend, and finally learned how to make authentic fish tacos. Now try to imagine this magnitude of a story with the frequent jumping out of the chair and shouting hallelujah at the top of his lungs. It was frightening the first time he did that, it was then flippin hilarious every time after. Man, the people i get to meet, foreal, sometimes i wonder how i have met so many crazy people. Everybody seems to just be all the way crazy here. Not half way crazy, but full blown crazy.

But in the spirutal   sense we also had a great week. On Friday we found and began teaching a family that just got here from el Salvador 2 months ago. People that have just got here from central america are gold, because they have been unpolluted by the many religions here and they are just accepting of everything and genuinly nice people. By inspiration we began teaching them about the eternal nature of the family within the first 5 minutes that we met them. Out of nowhere the lady said that her father had just passed away and that she had so many question about it, but she felt that God had helped her through it all. Man, the gospel is true, and inspiration is real, and if we listen to the spirit and act immediatley on its promptings, it will always guide us to how we can help and uplift those around us. Have a great week family, love ya'll.

Beck out,

Elder Beck

Ride on family, Ride on!(Sept 25)

Beck Family!

First things first, i went to the temple this mrning, that means that i woke up at 3am to get to the 5:30 session. so im pretty tired, so forgive me for parts of this email that just dont make sense, that is just me going in and out of consciousness.

Our last week was pretty darn good. We actually just had a pretty cool lesson last night with some member referals. first off, member referrals are the prefered and best way to do missionary work, its the way it is supposed to be done. So we were teaching this member referals, a father and son, and we end up having on the craziest lessons, as in people just walking in and out and trying to yell/talk over each other as everybody tries to put their 2 cents in about everything. We had so little control over everthing, the conversation was all over the map. But, somehow, it got quiet and everybody focused when we shared the first vision with this man named Gabriel. We then invited him and his 10 year old son to be baptized on the 12tth and they accepted. Somehow, the spirit penetrated that crazy room of just opinions and near fighting of words and touched this guys heart and confirmed to him that he needs to be baptized.
Also, we had our big ward party this last saturday. You might remmber that i experienced a similar party last year in the LB16th ward. it was the party of fiestrias patiras, which goes along with mexican independence day. The party goes like this, everybody in the ward makes some authentic food from their respective country and brings it for everyone to try. And their is also live cultural dancing and singing going on the whole night. and add to that that hispanics are some of the most social people on the planet, and it is just a straight up party that never could happen in a white ward. so much fun. literally the best. i took lots of videos of the dancing, it was pretty cool, there were 6 different groups that danced including an aztec dance that was legit. The only music was this big buy with a big drum, and he just went crazy, and so did the dancers, super legit, super fun night. And G came to the party and got to meet just bout everybody in the ward, which was awesome. And we talked to everybody there, cause a lot of nonmembers came, and we got lots of addresses and phone numbers of people to go visit now. so it was super successful and fun. loved it. loved spanish ward, honestly more disfunctional but more fun that white wards.

thats the jist of the week, life is still good, take care Beck family!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

p.s. someone made the comment this last week that i say 'ride on' a lot. i didnt realize it, but then it hit me that it came from motorcycles, then it made so much sense. ride on beck family, ride on.

This little dude tried to hijack our car

Yes, this is what I mean by PARTY

Celebrat-ion-time--Come on!

Dallin is trying to teach the art of not looking at the camera to his comp.  Well, it is an art.

Monday, September 15, 2014

My comp. reminds me of Hyrum!

Beck Family!

Howdy family, how is everything going? Life is good here, still got craziness as part of the daily piece but dats all good.

So this last week, we have been so crazy busy as ZL's helping our missionaries. LIke i have have never been busier trying to keep on top of all the stuff that was happening. Just lots of people with problems, lots of people not feeling happy, it was and has been exchausting. But still really rewarding.

Transfers are now known, i am going to be staying in Pico Rivera for another transfer! that means this is going to be my 5th transfer here in this area and ward. I am super excited, this is my favorite ward i have served in and i love the area.  That is going to bring my total time in this area to 7 1/2 months by the time i am done. Super happy. I am also staying here with elder L. Let me say it right now that this last week i have figure out who elder lestarpe reminds me of. He reminds me of Hyrum. I shall explain. At one piong i remember we got a txt that had some bad news, and it was like the 5th bad news txt we had gotten in a row. Out of nowhere he let out a teradaktle(flying dinosaur)  scream that so instantly gave me de ja vu of hyrum. it was hilarious, then i just started picking up on tons of other things he does that reminds me of hyrum. He has the same type of humor, its super funny. i think thats why we get along.

Our area is still doing good, still teaching a lot, still really happy. I have noticed that recently a large part of my time has been dedicated to helping other missionaries. i think that has been the single biggest blessing of being in leadership, has  been the opportunity to help and uplift struggling missionaries. Its something i just wouldnt have learned anywhere else. really cool, i still love being a missionary.

Thanks family for everything, and agian happy b-day to samo. luv ya littlest of brothers. take care!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

Eating some yummy Japanese candy!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It only took me 19 months...

Beck Family!

So its labor day, i think. or atleast some holiday that closes the libraries and packs all of us missionaries into this ancient family history center to email. point being, i got like 5 minutes here. didnt even read all of your emails, that sucks. i will catch up next week. 

This last week was nuts. So many things going down in our zone, like not great things that me and elder L have had to work with. We have been running around trying to help out these other elders, its been crazy, sometimes i just wonder why cant everybody just be on their missions for the right reason. then they wouldnt act this way. But that is why i am here, i need to learn from them as we try to help them.

This last week we did some crazy service, i was sore for 2 days. Our whole zone of 14 people got together at this investigators house that the sisters are teaching, adn we cleaned up his back yard for him. IT took 3 1/2 hours, and it was crazy dirty. My job, cause i always take the hard jobs, was to pack all of the branches and leaves into this hauling truck. We had to pack it down so tight cause there was so much crap to clean up. I ended up breathing in a ton of leaves and dirt and junk. It sent me into the first asthma emergency of my mission, and in the last 2 years. But we got it done and it was a tone of fun to do some good hard work. But then i rushed home, found that inhaler that my mom made me take, took 2 puffs, then finally could breath again. I could feel my left lung just being stabbed by the huge amount of stuff i had breathed in. sucked, i couldnt run for 2 days after that. But now i'm good, and i can breath just fine. And im not gonna take that inhaler any more. cause that is what is refered to as "cheater puffs."

And i aint no cheater. Yesterday i talked in sacrament meeting. I talked about our purpose as missionaries and members to help others come unto Jesus Christ. B was at church as she cried during nearly my whole talk. It was really spiritual, to again just see the spirit that we bring as missionaries touch other people. I did prepare for my talk with studying for it, but i didnt write anything down. I just got up there with my Preach My Gospel and started saying all of the things i had studied for, in spanish. It was good, cuase i guess i really do feel comfortable with spanish now, enough atleast to give a talk without notes. Man, that only took like 19 months, oh my goodness. But its all good, life is still great, and being a missionary is still the best thing i have every done. Love you family!


Beck out,

Elder Beck