Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I love America! and the habenero challenge part 2

Beck Family!

So how are ya'll doing? Good? Good, cause i am doing pretty dandy myself. 

First off, it is memorial day, that means it is a great day to all fly your American flags and drink a Coke, and listen to some Journey. AMERICA!!!

I love America.

Now for my week. It has been pretty good. I dont know if i told ya'll, but our mission president has been super sick for a long time. This last tuesday he finally got out of the hospital after 17 straight days in there. He had major surgery on his intestines, but now he is doing better and is recovering, and is already back to working and interviewing. Cause our mission president is John Wayne, better known as Mountain T, he dont play. Hes a boss, and we are all really happy that he is doing better.

In other great news, this last week for district meeting, we had our normal meeting, but afterwards we all as a district did the habenero challenge. That is an elder Beck specialty. It means that everyone eats a whole habenero pepper and then does not eat or drink anything for 3 minutes. It really lets the spicyness sink down into your cells. The whole district did it,and a couple other elders, so all together about 10 elders. It was one of the funniest things i have seen in a while. I have bought a box of habeneros every week for a couple weeeks and have just been pounding then whole everyday, so it really wasnt even a challenge for me. not gonna lie, i took it really cool, calm, and collected, like a boss. I dont even flinch when i eat those now. what is wrong with me? Many others did not though. thhey were crying and spitting and sweating like crazy, and throwing up, and one of them almost fainted, he got really pale and we sat him agaisnt the wall. All in all it was a definite success and a higher level of mancard was earned by everyone that day. Thats what its all about right.

In other more spiritual news, B has been doing really well. She reads the book of mormon every day and has been doing really well. She highlights the book of mormon as she reads so that she can be ready for the questions that she thinks we will ask her about what she read. Cause she knows we are gonna ask her. She is so prepared, and i love teaching her. I love being a teacher of the gospel. It is one of the hardest things to do to teach someone about the gospel in a way that they will understand it and be able to put it into their own words. that requries that we teach simply and with inspired questions. I have been working a lot lately so that i can be a better teacher, so that people can stop trying to decipher the gospel message from me, and be more able to see and recognize the feelings that are in their hearts. I love the gospel, it is just so true.

Anyways, have a good week family, love ya'll, hopefully i get a camera soon so i can take some mroe pictures. Love you.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I flipplin love that!

Beck Family!
This last week was so good. Like good enough to scrapbook the flip out of it.

So we had a really good teaching week. We met our weekly goals we had set of member present lesson, new investigators, and people with a baptismal date. Something we are getting really big about in the mission is achieving the goals that we set. We dont want to be just goal setters, but goal achievers as well. I flippin love that. Its one of my favorite things to train people on or talk about, how when we set a goal we set it with the determination to accomplish it, not just to inspire us when we set it. I love goal setting and goal achieving ,and that is what we did this week. But it required some miracles. By Sunday night we were still one member present short of our goal and one new investigator, and we had no set plans. But Me and elder W knew that we could achieve our goal because we set it prayerfully so we went out with full faith that we would be able to do it. We were guided to a part member family, and at another home we had a lesson where the investigator invited her friend in to listen to us. We were guided to 3 lessons last night ,and we were able to pick up a new ivestigator and teach a member present lesson, and meet our goals. That feels awesome. To not just be goal setters but goal achievers, im about that life.

We also had some great lessons this week. We have been teaching a girl named B who is doing really well. Honestly she is one of the most prepared people i have ever met. She has been reading daily and taking notes as she reads, and she prays with real faith. And she has accepted a baptismal date becuse she says she feels like she has recieved an answer. She needs a lot of help to make her date and be baptized so pray for her, cause prayer works, that is true doctrine.

I went on exchange with the english district leader in our zone. That meant i got to go to a white area and work with white people and eat white food. Havent done that in like forever. It was weird, my stomach did not like the foreign food of lasagna that i was putting in it. For real, i do not ever, i mean ever, eat white people food, im gonna have to re adjust all over again when i get home.
This week it has also been super hot, ever day has been over 100 degrees, with wednesday hovering over 105. That is to freakin hot, and its only getting hotter. But that s all good, the misisonary work goes forward. Love you family, keep praying for the missionaries, who they are teaching, and that ya'll can have missionary experiences. Love you.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

Dallin skyping on Mother's day!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's day awesomeness!

Beck family
So i did just talk to ya'll yesterday, but still i loved getting your emails today. Email is the thing that makes this day different, and your emails is what makes it awesome. For real, shout out of thanks to everybody that emails me, i can always use more, but i am super appreciative of everybody that takes the time to do that.
This last week was really good for us. We had some great lessons with some people. One of the best people we are teaching right now is B. She is a young mother of 2 boys. We had a super powerfull lesson with her as we talked about the Book of Mormon. We taught it simply and with conviction. At the end we asked her what it would mean if the book was true. She said that it meant she could continue to have the peace that she felt right there with us. She recognized the spirit and that we brought it with us when we talked to her. She could feel it, and in that moment we could feel it testify to all of us so strongly. Something cool happens when we recognize the spirit, when a name is put to the feelings that we are all having. It was a great lesson, and she has the real potential to be baptized. Pray for her.
The rest of our week was also pretty good, we taught some other cool people, and got to help some elders out. That is one of the coolest parts about being a zone leader, is that we get to help the elders out in our zone and really be the people that they turn to.
Also, right now i am trying to send pictures, but my broken camera wont even let me do that. So if you want pictures you are gonna have to figure out this camera thing for me quick. Mom, i know you want pictures. Dont even pretend like you dont.
Anyways, i absolutley loved talking to all of you yesterday. yesterday was such a good day. After i talked to you the members who house we were skyping from cooked us a carne asada dinner, and it was amazing. literally, yesterday was a perfect day. I love you guys, you are the best, and i know that you support me and all the missionaries so much. Love you.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stupid Good Week

Beck Family!

So this last week had to be one of the really good ones. Lots of things went well, and like by well i mean super good. Like stupid good.

To start we helped J prepare to be baptized on Saturday, and he was. Many pictures to follow.

But the baptism was great. He was so ready to do it, and we could just all see it. He has been investigating the church for 3 years since the his wife and kids got baptized. But this was just finally his time to join them. The member that helped us teach him Hmo C got to baptize him, which was an awesome experience. It really was the member that made all the difference, and was a huge reason that jorge decided to be baptized. Members make a difference. Then yesterday Jorge was confirmed in church by the bishop and it was great as well. And after church we had a bbq at his home where he cooked us all the carne asada we could eat. For real, it was just meat after meat, with plenty of sides. so good, so mexican. I am getting back up to my level of heating really spicy things. Not a day goes by that i dont eat at least 1 chili, and i am warming up for something big. Details to follow.

But as good as all of that was, it still wasnt the only good thing. Last night i got to go to the despedida, or departing fireside for the missionaries going home. Zone leaders get to go to all of them to keep the peace. That is a perk to the calling. But anyways, the fireside was really good, lots of really strong testimonies were shared. I also got to see a lot of members from past areas there, who all come to see their missionaries off. I saw people from HB and compton. One of the members i saw from compton was Hna C, my favorite member, and newest grandma. I was so happy to see her, but even more happy to see that person that she brought with her. She brought with her C. She is a 15 year old girl that i taught back in compton, we taught her whole family but she was always the focus. I taught her for my entire 6 months in compton, which included some of the most spiritual lessons i ever had while there. But when i left compton, she seemed like she was personally hopeless, that she would never be able to get away from the things in her life and be baptized. Missionaries stopped going by her after i left, and they didnt go by that family until 1 month ago. Last night at the fireside C told me that she had just gotten baptized, and that is why her hair was still wet. She said that now she was just ready in her life to make that decision to be baptized. It was one of the happiest moments of my life to see her, and to hear that she had been baptized. I felt such a spiritual confirmation about the work we do as missionaries, and how it truly does affect people. Even though it was such a long time since i had seen her, she remembered me, and all of the lessons that  we had with her. She said she just kept thinking about all of the things we had taught after after the missionaries left her, and she started reading the Book Of Mormon on her own. And eventually she knew it was true. And that is when she decided to be baptized. I was absoluetly speachless when she told me she had gotten baptized, i couldnt form the words to express how happy i was for her. It was amazing. She also said that she is preparing to go on a mission, that it is all she wants to do in life to pay forward what she knows to be true. Again, i was speechless, i still am. I know this work is true, and i know that we do the Lords work, and because of that people do not forget it. They remember the spirit, and like C did, when they are ready, they can act on it. One of the best weekend i can remember, i just feel so good right now.

I am staying in Pico Rivera for another transfer with elder W, we are going to tear it up here, the field is white in Pico, and we are going to have a great time.

I love you family.

Beck out,
Elder Beck


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