Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm stayin in Pico! And Elder N is legit!

Beck Family!
This last week has been crazy good. So i have stayed in Pico and i have gotten a new companion as elder W has gone somewhere else do die and finish his last 4 weeks. He is actually going to die in down town long beach, a fun and crazy place to finish a mission. But my new companions name is Elder N. Now this is his full name. M M N de L S. That's quite a name right. He is from the Dominican Republic, and has lived there his entire life. He has been on the mission for about 8 months, and he is awesome. For real, all we do is talk to Spanish all day every day. My brain is just switching over into Spanish around him ,for the last week i only really talk in English to a couple ward members and young people that don't speak Spanish. Crazy awesome, its helps a lot to just had to speak it that much. But for real he is the man, he is 24 years old and just is a super good people person.
This last week we found lots of new investigators, and taught a good number of lessons, about 20. But we are going to do even better this week. We are just working super hard on helping our zone out. Our goal that we really want to see is to see every single companionship teach every single night, find at least 1 new investigator every week, and bring at least 1 person to church every week. And our zone is really close to that. Our zone is just on fire right now, people are teaching and finding like crazy, and they are real solid people.
We had a ward party on Saturday for fathers day. For real, im gonna drop it all ya'll, hispanics know how to party so much better than white people. for real. even the ward parties, no matter where you go, are always way better than white people parties. And this party was no different. There is always games, music, food, dancing. Its flippin fun, for real, white people need to get with it.
And anyways, incase you haven't heard, the world cup is going on and it is the funnest thing ever! for real, every single person here is watching and playing soccer all day cause of it. I am more intune with what is happening in the world cup than the olympics, basketball, nfl, baseball, all combined. I know who is playing who, players names, i own 5 soccer jerseys, we play with kids in the street and parks all the time. It is just super fun, everybody and their dog is into it. We even play it together as missionaries on p-dday, cuase we all like it that much. just saying, never thought that i would like it so much, or at all, but right now it is just awesome.
Anyways, love you all, have a good week family!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm getting a new Comp!

Beck Family!

Alright, let me break it down for ya. This week was a great one, a for real great week. We had tons of good lessons, and saw some crazy progression with some people. First, this was the last week of transfers, and tomorrow starts the new transfer. So drum rolllll please. I am staying in Pico Rivera as a zone leader, but elder W is leaving. For reals, im super sad about that, he goes home in 4 weeks, mid transfer, so i thougt they were just going to leave him with me, but they are moving him to long Beach for his last little bit. I am getting a new companion up here and ZL, his name is Elder N, he is from the Dominican Republic, and has only been a missionary for about 7 months, which is super young to be a ZL, but the word is he is a flippin good missionary. I'm super excited, i think my spanish is going to take off with him, he has only been learning english for about 7 months, so i bet we are going to speak a lot of spanish. So i'm excited for that. Our zone has been doing awesome, we repeatedly making our member present lessons goal and finding like crazy as a zone. I'm super excited for everything, our zone is sick. But i am really sad because the elders that i live with elders jensen and hansen are getting white washed out, so i am going to be the only elder left in the apartment out of the 4 of us. It was super suprising, because their area is on fire and they are baptizing, and yet they are both getting moved out at the same time. Crazy right. Guess there is just a lot of change headed my way.

But for the real bestest part of the week, last night elder W had his departure fireside. They only have those at the end of transfers, and cause he wouldnt be here for the next one he gave his testimony at this one. At missionary departure firesides, you invite all of the members and recent converts and investigators that you can to come and hear you give your last words before you return home. It is always one of the most spiritual meetings that exists. And if you came to mine, you would understand why. Its incredible. But last night at the fireside we had B come, the one that we have been teaching for a while. When elder W went up and shared his testimony he shared one of the most impactfull moments that we ever had together, and it was while we were teaching B. He shared a little thing that B said to us after we had a lesson with her and had read 1 nephi 11 with her. She said "be persistent with me, dont give up on me... dont let me get lost." It was one of the most incredible moments of my mission when she said that to us, because i could see that from her eyes she truly viewed us a Jesus Christ, and that we were her only way back. Elder W shared that experience at the departure fireside as his testimony, and B who was there broke down in tears. I was talking to he afterwards while elder W was saying his many goodbyes. She started the conversation by saying "I have made my decision." I asked her what decision she had made, trying to get her to say it. she said " im going to be baptized as soon as possible. I dont need anymore signs from God." and then through tears streaming down her face and pointing to her heart she said "this is my sign, i dont need any more proof." She will be baptized on the 29th. It was an incredible experience, one that i dont think i will ever be able to forget. Yesterday and tonight is the time to say goodbyes. Transfers can be hard, but we trust God knows where he needs us to go.

Also, elder W family came to his Departure fireside. And elder W didnt even talk to them, which was awesome. He say them, smiled and waved, but never talked to them, cause he stayed strong, and missionaries dont talk to their families yet. But i talked to them. They told me about how proud they were of their son and they all cried their eyes out as they heard his testimony and said how strong in spirit he is now. They were really cool, and it was a really cool experience for them to be there and see that all. I introduced them to Brenda and to the other members there from our ward, so they got to meet tons of people from elder W mission. Cool stuff.
Anyways, tomorrow i get my new comp, the work is still going great here in Pico, and i am just so happy to be a missionary. i Just want to get better so i can help more people come unto Christ. this is the best thing i have ever done, and i love it. Love you family, take care.

Beck out,
Elder Beck
Our zone!

Miracles happen!
This is from Shawn:
The trips sounds like so much fun. honestly, im just in awe looking at the pictures. I want to be there so bad. All of that stuff just looks like a blast. granted, i am pretty used to 90 degrees, or really over 100 degree heat. Well, not really used to it, but it is just my life.
We also had stake conference this last week, and the thing that we talked about a lot was also missionary work, and acutally our mission president came and spoke. And he said that one hting that we can all do, is just like missionaries do, is talkt ot everyone. If we want more people to join the church, we have to invite more people, and more people have to know what we do. He said something simple would be if someone asked you what you did that weekend, tell them about church before the kids soccer games and nfl game. say how great church was and how uplifting it was. Start more of the conversations we already have with the gospel, bring it up causally in more scenarios.
I like the pic,  i can see that my style is catching on. Cool guys dont look at the camera.
I love being a missionary so much. Its crazy, i honestly didnt think i would ever love it like this. But i have never been so happy in my entire life. I love everyday out here. And the more i am out here the more i realize how blessed i have been with great parents. thank you for everything you have done. Yesderday was fathers day. Dont think i forgot. I tell you dad that you are the best father that has ever been. You somehow have done it just right. You are my hero and example in all things. I strive to be like you and to make decisions like you. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, love you dad.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I just love being a missionary here!

Yes, this is the most awesome tree house ever!
Beck Family!
So i have almost no time, but i sent some pictures so that should make up for this.
First, we had a great week, we taught a member present lessson ever day and found a ton of new investigartors to teach. WE find by talking to everyone we see and expecting that some one we talk to will let us share something with them. We are pretty bold, i talkt to gang bangers and the sketchy looking type all day long. But guess what, they all love us. One, cause they can feel the spirit. 2, cause we are white guys that they respect.

Keep praying for B everybody, she needs it. She is doing so well, and she is accepting the live the commandments that we teach her about. But for some people there are just obstacles in the way that need heavenly help to get over. Be that help.

Love you family, love all of you, and sierra, good job on the 4.0

I liked how you said the last 2 days were a joke. the last 4 weeks were a joke for me.
Love you all.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

So i might get a minute of more on this other computer. Public libraries, you cant stop me from emailing my family!

for real, i hate public libraries, im gonna avoid these places like the plague for the rest of my life, they stress the crap outta me cause i have to type so fast and wonder if i will ever get a computer. Its the worst.

Anyways, hyrum, you look pretty crazy living in your reptile room. But you all looked sharp for the graduation. You are gonna make fine missionaries the 2 of you if you dress that sharp.

This is my favorite quote from President Tew this last week.

You are looking at running water!
We have been talking about establishing a mission culture a lot lately and this is what he said.
And yes the tree house was built around the tv

"Mission culture does not get established is meetings like this. It gets talked about in meetings like this. It gets established when a junior companion spends a day with a senior companion and say 'we really do that here dont we.'"

We are focusing as leaders on establishing a culuture of this mission, something that is permanant. It will be a culture of achieving goals, effectively planning, talking to everyone, and other things. I am excited for it.

Last thursday we gave a zone meeting on the culture we want to establish and it went really well, i love giving trainings now, and espescially something that i believe in. I love the vision that we are establishing, and i just love being a missionary here.
Beck out,
Elder Beck
This is a response to Shawn from Dallin:

Yeah, elder Ballard talked to us in the MTC and now just last week. Both times have been awesome, and its been cool to get 2 trainings from the same apostle, i can see what he is consistent on, and one of those things is 10 daily contacts, or going out of your way to talkt to an extra 10 people every day. I do that every single day, because he challenged us to do it at the MTC, and it has brought so much success.
I want to do more family history when i get home too, i feel like its something i would like.
Its weird, but i feel like im even better musically now than before. I dont get near the opportunities to play, like hardly ever, average 5 minutes of piano a week, but i just make those 5 minutes count. ITs crazy, but i cant wait to go home and see what i can do now, i feel like for some reason i can do it better now. But we will see, im also pretty seperated from my whole world of music.
We taught a member present lesson every day this week, we found a ton of new people to teach. Our area is awesome, but it really isnt different from a lot of areas where people struggle. It is the expectations that we have that is the difference. Whem me and elder W go out, we expect to find and to teach and to bring people to baptism, and that is what is happening. I love missionary work. take care dad.

This brother has one tricked out tree house!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Elder Ballard Rocks!

Beck Family!

If this week goes well this will be the last email that i have to send without a picture attatched to it. Thats good cause i hate not having a picture or sending anyting with the email. But we move on.

Gues what happened this week? Ok, ya'll took to long. Elder M. Russell Ballard came and visited our mission! and theres more, he gave a private training to us missionaries on Saturday for about 2 hours. Freakin incredible. WE all showed up early and we all got to shake his hand. He came with elder Acosta of the area seventy and elder Switzer of the first 70. They all talked, but elder Ballard talked for about 1 hour to us. It was incredible. But the building we were in the AC was not working. So because elder Ballard is a man and understands, he had us all take our suits off and he did too. Apostles do what they darn want to. Only an apostle can call together an entire mission together, no other meetings in the mission involve every missionary at once. So it was awesome cause i got to see all of my old companions and talk about our old areas and how everybody is doing. Elder Ballards training was great and it was on how we need to understand and internalize the simple things to teach them powerfully. He answered questions and he was super funny. He said 'i just tried to give 2 general conference talks in a row to get the members to help out you missionaries.'' Direct quote. Point- elder Ballard thinks its really important that the members and missionaries work together. And aftwerards our mission president got to speak to us, he is out of the hospital and doing great. He then said some of the most powerfull words of love i have ever heard, and that was following an apostle. My mission president, pres. Tew is the biggest spiritual giant i have ever seen, and i say that after recieving a direct training from an Apostle. He is the man.

In other news, B came to church yesterday. We had her come to a bbq ealier in the week with a member, and that member then offered her a ride to church. She accepted and that member and her are now like best friends. the ward is doing a great job at making her feel welcomed ,and she is continueing to progress. This last week she said "I feel that the more i have been talking to you and reading the mormon book that i have been changing for the better. I want to make those changes so i can keep these feelings i have." The spirit is changing her and it is because she is putting in the work and is so prepared. Keep praying for her, its working everybody.

This last week we had to do a ton of stuff, like meetings and taking people to the doctors, but the time we did have to work was really blessed and we just had solid lessons with solid peoplel. I feel such a good spirit and joy for missionary work right now, i guess thats what follows a visit from Elder Ballard. Just in case you dont remember, but elder Ballard was also the Apostle that came and talked to us in the MTC, so now i have had 2 in person missionary trainings from the same apostle who is all about missionary work. Super lucky.

I love you family, thank you for everything, and keep praying for those missionary opportunities.


Beck out,

Elder Beck