Monday, January 12, 2015

My last lecture

Beck Family!

So this is the final email. So this is the last time im gonna describe my crazy week. Cause we sure did have a crazy week, right up to the end.

First, we are working super good with the members here. We are getting lots of member referals, and we picked up 3 new investigators this week from those referals. We taught them in the members homes with the members, and the lessons were great. More stuff gets done in missionary work when we work together. This area is just on fire, we have so much good stuff going on right now, and its cause we have the trust of the members, and we are working in unison.

On tuesday we went to the temple. All departing missionaries get to go before they go home. We went to the Los Angeles temple, and it was an incredible experience. I went into the temple with a very specific thought, i had something i needed to know. I have been worried that if what i have done on my mission has been enough, if i have done everything that God wants of me. I have been worried that i made to many mistakes, and that i let to many people go by, and that i wasnt good enough. In the temple, i had this prayer in my heart, i was pleading to God asking him to let me know if he is pleased with what I have done. I asked him if he could let me know that I have done enough on my mission, if he would let me know that He his pleased with the work that i did, with my 2 years, i promised him that I would never fall away. If he would confirm it to my heart that my 2 years have been acceptable, that i would continue to give the rest of my life to this gospel. Then the smallest little impression came to my mind 'I already have.' Suddenly i realized that God had already been letting me know that he was happy with me. I realized that he had been letting me know almost every day, and everytime i had felt the spirit during my mission. God has been letting me know for a very long time that he is happy with me, it has just been my perspective and looking for it. It made me realize so strongly, that God is truly present in our lives, more so than i had ever thought. He is always there, it is just a matter of us looking for him. And i felt that at the temple, that God has been letting me know he is pleased with this time for a lot longer than just on that day. It changed my perspective of my whole mission. And it filled me with so much peace. It took away the fear i have of coming home. I might still be a little nervous, but i dont feel fear, i feel peace and confidence in the Lord that this is just the next step he wants me to take. After that we participated in sealings with our mission president, another great experience. The temple was something that filled me with so much peace, and every day since then i have felt it, and i know that everything is going to be ok.

On thursday i gave my final testiimony at our district meeting. My only piece of advice i could give to younger missionaries is to love you missions. Love them, and give them everything. I told them that i have no regrets about my mission. I havent been perfect, im not even that good at doing missionary things, but i have no regrets about my time here because i know i gave it everything. Our time is so limited and it goes by so fast. But man i love my mission. I know that when we love our missions, that is when they change us.

Also, this week i got accepted to byui.

On saturday i had my departure interview with the mission president. It was another incredible experience. It gave me so much direction and comfort again about going home. I feel ok about it, it doesnt worry me as much, i know that im going to be ok. My mission president is a spiritual giant that i wont ever forget. Mountain Tew is a guy that has given me so much direction. I love everything about my mission.
On sunday was my departure fireside. There were over 20 missionaries going home, it was the most full despedida i there has ever been here. It was crazy. There were hundreds and hundreds of people, the chapel and overflow and hall ways and classrooms were full of people there to see us. It was crazy. I saw so many people from my past areas, old converts, favorite familys, just everybody, and it was awesome. I was the 3rd last to give my testimony. Ill be honest, there was no stopping the tears. I could only think to testify of the most basic truths that i know, about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. I also did it in spanish, cause nearly everyone i invited just speaks spanish, so that was great. Then the rest of the night we took lots of pictures with them and got to see them. It was a great night, one of the most spiritual nights on my mission. So many people were crying, its incredible to see the impact that missionaries have on people.

This is the last thing i will write as a missionary to you. This is what i have called the most important thing i have learned on my mission. It is this :  Doctrine changes us, and the most important piece of doctrine, is to be others oriented. I have learned this for myself. I know that God loves us, and that he is always there for us. I know he is always closer than we think. I know Jesus Christ is our brother and savior and died and lives for us. I know he loves us. I have felt Jesus Christ heal me and forgive me. That is why I can say that I know he can do the same for others. I know the Holy Ghost testifies of truth, because I have felt it. I have felt the comfort and peace and the impressions that come from the Holy Ghost, that is why I know he can testify to others. I know this things for myself. I have come to a knowledge through experience. I know everyone can. I know i am an average person. I dont have that much to offer the Lord, nothing really. But I know that through him i am made strong. I know through him my strenghth form from out of my weaknesses. I know this is true. I love you all so much, this knowledge has sustained me in my 2 years. I love my mission, it has been the greatest experience of my life. Thank you for everything, i love my family, both here and there. I cant wait to see you, I love you.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

At LA temple..last temple trip

Got to see this bro one more time

true missionaries all tuck their pants into their socks

Dallin is the saint of Long Beach

Mr. Flag guy

yup, biking in the rain

my Spanish grandparents

My sweet mission pres.

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