Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th on July...Compton Style

Beck Family!

My goodness have I had a crazy week. So the 4th of July here in Compton is like nothing else I have ever seen. Or experienced. I imagine it is close to what a warzone is like. From the hours of 9-11, there was a completely constant sound of explosions, not all of them fireworks. We were driving through a pretty sketch neighbor hood on our way to pick up some other elders, and our car got surrounded by fireworks. For real, some guys came in the street and lit fireworks all around our car, so we could reverse or drive forward. Then some others started shooting arial rockets at us from down the street while we couldnt move. They were jsut trying to be funny, i guess, but they were drunk out of their minds, and they accidnetly shot each other, and missed out car. Then we hauled out of there, only to continue to get shot at by other fireworks. And some fireworks sound an awful lot like gunshots, so for moments I wasnt sure if it was just Primo fireworks, or side arms that were being shot at us. We were unharmed, along with our car, but it was crazy. People ran out into the middle of the streets to light of fireworks under street lights at intersections. There was a low lieing cloud of smoke across the whole city, and the entire place smelled like an explosion. It was the most wild night I have had here, and that is saying something for being in Compton for 5 weeks.
 I also went to a quincineta for the first time last week. Some investigators invited us, so we showed up for a 1/2 hour, and man do Mexicans know how to party. It was wild, super fun, and very expensive. And for the highlight of my week, we had a baptism yesterday.
 She is the most prepared person I have ever met. We met her on the street 3 weeks ago, taught her every lesson with a member present, and she was baptized yesterday. For real, that is like on of those miracle baptisms. It was so cool, God has just prepared her so well to hear and recieve us. So that was super awesome. Pictures will be sent, no worries. Thanks for the B-day package, that just made the baptism day all the better. That is a sweet looking tie, and i am really going to look good in it. Thanks for everything family, love ya'll, have a good one.


Beck out,

We are called to Serve

Awesome family that just loves us!
Wonderful baptism

They are our grandpa and grandma out here
Elder Beck

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