Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I can eat hot things now!

This week has been pretty fun, we got a new Elder In our apartment from Israel.
 I have to let you guys know that my tolerance for spicy and hot things has gone through the roof. Literally everytime we eat at a members house, they always like to test the missionaries, espescially the gringos. They like to test to see if we are really becoming part of the culture. This is usually through making us eat incredibily hot things. I have now moved up from Habeneros, last Monday I tried a pepper that was hotter than a habanero, and it thought it was going to kill me. My mouth was in the fires of Mordor, and im pretty sure I could have struck a match on my toungue. For 30 minutes it took all of my will power to not cry, which I didn't, but still it was hard. The next 5 hours my mouth cooled down a little bit, about to the level of constant tabasco on your tongue. My stomach inside me was on fire, and lets just say the next morning was not pretty.

But since I have eaten all of these crazy hot things now, things that were hot before the mission don't even get me. Last night was eating some Cheetos, and I didn't even realize it until I read the bag that they were the flamin hot kind. They didn't even register on my tongue. I can eat Chili de Arbols like they are candy now, and habeneros I put on everything if I can. My nose is always clear and my system is always running, sometimes a little to fast, thanks to all of these spicy foods. Super fun, a little painful, but mostly fun.

 Also, my apartment is becoming infested. I had a roach crawl out of the shower drain, while I was Showering today!! Not cool, not cool at all! Also there are ants now in our apartment, and the hallways to our apartment smells like you firmly planted your face between the cheeks of a race horse. That is about as poetic as I can put it. But it is super fun still, got to love it all. Have a good week family, take care, and keep cool. Love ya'll.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

Yup, there's a sweet ride!

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