Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Crazy referrals are entertaining!

Beck Family!

Disclaimer, this email will not include pictures. I am currently to occupied being a 110% missionary to take pictures. Maybe this week if i drop it down to 109% i will find time to take atleast 1 picture.

This last week was great. it was so hot. For real, like every day over 100. and its windy here to. So the wind feels like a hair blower is going in your face, its just a hot dry wind. And then out of nowhere the humidity hit for a day, literally was sweating all night long. then it went away and we are back to the dry pico heat that i know and love.

We got to go to leadership training last tuesday. Leadership training is for all the DLS and ZLs in the mission. the aps, mission president and his wife give trainings to us there for like 5 hours. They also feed us lunch. It is so awesome, cause i get to see lots of my old companions there. For real, i had 5 old companions at that meeting, President has been consistently putting me with comps that are better than me, so all of the ones that are not already home are leaders in the mission. Super fun. Also, just having the opportunity to hear Pres. Tew speak is something i would straight up pay cash money for back home.

On thursday me and elder L did zone meeting for our zone. wE have the smallest zone in the mission, only 15 missionaries. We have 10 zones in the mission, but lots of the other zones have 25-30 peoople in them, we are by far the smallets. Which is really cool cause i feel like i get to know my zone really well. And we are the best performing zone in the mission right now. WE are finding and teaching more than any other zone, and we had some baptisms happen just yesterday. Pico rivera is just the place to be if your a missionary.

Yesterday at church d and j came. They are both super awesome, and they are progressing really well. Our ward is still super small right now, but atleast we found somebody yesteryday who could play the piano, so we didnt have to do the whole day acapella.
Also crazy experience, we asked 2 kids of the street for a referal, cause we ask everybody for referals. they told us to go to their neighbors house. WE went there asking for A, which is the name they told us of the person that lived there. Turns out ashley was a crazy death metal junkie, that walks around all day with her kitten sitting on her head, and throws water balloons off of her 3rd story apartment at kids all day. She wasnt that interested, but she definitely have the shock value on her side.

Anyways, love you family, have a good one.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

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