Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We are your guardian angels that aren't afraid to hurt people

love these guys!

We are the army
Beck Family!

First things, its hot here. like over 100 every day, and for some reason it feels humid to. even the mexicans are sweating. So this last week was pretty good. First week of transfers, and i feel right at home being back in a trio. For real, i know how to teach just as good in a trio as i do in a regular companionship. We had a really good week, my comps are great. We found 12 new investigators last week, which was a good number. A new investigator is someone that you sit down with, have a real lesson, and set up a return appointment. I know some missionaries count just saying a prayers with someone on the street as a new investigator, but i'm not about that, we try to find solid people, that really want to learn more about the church. We find a lot of our people from talking to everyone. For real, i have no fear anymore about talking to strangers. And like in all situations. I just talk to whoever wherever i am. And the crazy thing is that that is how we find a lot of people who really do want to know more about the church, and have been looking for answers. Its a testimony to me that God is preparing people all around us, but if we dont open our mouths we would never know it.

We are teaching a really cool family that just moved here from el salvador 1 month ago. They are super humlbe, and have family that are members, and they really want to see if this church is the answer that can help them. They are actually living with recent converts right now, so that also helps.

Also, crazyness, but my old companion elder K got married over the weekend. He went home 4 months ago, and just got married. What the crap companion. Thats pretty darn fast.

In other news, we became acquainted with another prominent gang up here in pico rivera. From what i understand they are the only gang here that isnt hispanic. Most of them are cambodian. anwyays, we ended up contacting a lot of them outside while they were getting hammered. about 10 minutes later we walked away having made some great new friends that said 'we will be your protectors in this hood, consider us your guardian angels. guardian angels that arent afraid to hurt people.' Flattering right. Missionaries are so safe, aint nobody gonna mess with us. Anways, have a good week family, love ya'll!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

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