Friday, May 17, 2013

Temple Trip

Beck Family!

So yes, it is a tuesday and i am emailing you. But that is because  today i went to the temple, so they changed out p day. I went to the newport temple, and it was so awesome. We got a ride with some members, and afterwards they fed us and gave us some referals. They are freaking awesome. But the temple is so cool, it is kind of a brown/cream color so it totally looks like the beach front temple that it is.  They are the XXX family, and they are sweet. I also made some Flan, that is what the pictues are of. I think you could literally send that into a food magazine, cause that thing looks professional. The person we made the Flan with is the wife of one of our investigators. The wife really didnt care for us much, but after that night, we are definitely on her good side. So much good stuff has been going on out here. Like i was saying on the phone i have a hard scheduled baptism for this sunday, so next week i oughta have pictures of that. I am so freakin excited, she has been someone that I have been teaching since I got here. And she has been an investigator for 10 years, so to be the ones to get her in the water is pretty sweet. And actually right after this email time i am gonna go do something else pretty sweet, so i will hopefully i will send some pictures of that next week to. I am still loving every single day out here. There are just so many things that i felt like i could have talked to you about on the phone, honeslty that was probably the fastes 40 minutes of my life. I could have just talked for hours, trying to remember all of my note worthy experiences in just my short time out here. So many things have happened out here, yet i can hardly recall them to type. I still love you all, i miss you all. You all have a good week.

Beck out,

Elder Beck

oh that's Sandra Bullock's house

We made some Flan

Newport Beach temple

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  1. HI!!! Dallin, Scott and I went to the Newport Temple on our Honeymoon 4 years ago. It is sweet. I'm so happy you got to go. So great! I'm thrilled that you have a baptism! Again super sweet! Just keep going and doing...we are so proud of you!