Sunday, May 26, 2013

I feel like a real missionary!

Beck Family!

So how is life? Things are pretty sweet here, except that my baptism got postponed until the 7th of june. It was a really hard couple of days, cause she basically had a real breakdown about tithing. and it took a lot of prayer and a talk from the bishop to get her back on track, but now she seems even more solid than before. I guess there are always gonna be these little tests that come up, even when the finish line is in sight. This week we are working a ton on finding new people, cause we have basically had to drop a lot of our investigators because they wont come to church. It really makes me stretch my Spanish to just stop and talk to people on the street, cause you never know what you are gonna say until you start talking. My visa waiter is still here, apparently argentina is a hard one to get into right now. Now, for what I spent that 40 dollars on that grandma sue gave me. I heard about these things the day I got her letter with the money, and I heard that these things were 40 bucks, so I figured it was fate, so I just had to buy them. They are leather scripture cases, and they were 40 bucks for both of them. We get them from an elder here who is from Guatemala, and his family back in Guatemala are the ones that make them. If you tried to buy these things in the united states, they would be over 120 for each of them. But that is the beauty of 3rd world countries, everything is dirt cheap! And I got to pick the picures that went on them, and they are personalized with my name and mission. They are so sweet looking, for real, I feel like a real scripture wielding missionary now. Also last night at our Stake Priesthood meeting, the missionaries got special permission to go, because the stake president completely chewed out the entire stake, and then made everyone covenant to spending atleast 1 night month to going out with us. He totally railed on them, and then had the kahonas to make them all commit to helpoing us. it was awesome. but that was pretty much my week, still working hard, life is still awesome, and being a missionary is still the best. I love ya'll, and have a good one.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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