Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I love tacos!

Beck Family!

How has it already been another week. So I have been in a trio for about 2 weeks(i think) and it is super fun. Honestly, a trio is like a party all the time. Kind of. But for real it is really fun. Last week i learned how to make real authentic mexican tacos. Oh. My. Goodness. I will literally blow you minds out the back of your heads when i make those when i get home. Holy crap, they are delicious. And the trick to it all is, calories are an after thought. If it can be made to taste better by upping the calorires, then my goodness add the calories. I love the mexican culture.

They do not sacrifice taste for health, it is just the kind of mind set that i can really get behind. For real, i will make those tacos when i get home, and then you will understand that toco bell just isn't quite right. I am pretty excited to call home this sunday, you should pretty much just be ready all day for my call, cause i dont really know when it is gonna be.

And on sunday when i ate at the bishops house, it was just the entire table full of prime authentic mexican food. I would slap my companion in front of the pope for more of this authentic mexican food. We have been working our butts off just trying to find and contact and teach people. I am just having a blast out here. Today i am gonna make philly cheese steaks for lunch. There is a store right next to our apartment called the meat palace.

so today we are gonna put it to the test and try to make some philly cheese steaks. Right now we have a hard set baptism set for MAy 19th, and she is really committed. She has been telling all of her friends and family about her baptism, and she is gonna go through with it. It is gonna be sweet. I also got the cool little journal cover, that thing is sweet. Honestly, that thing is awesome. Well, i hope ya'll have a good week. Keep the dirtbiking riding up, and keep on writing me.
Love ya'll Beck out, Elder Beck


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