Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Emotinal recovery, but our bikes still get the most flats ever!!

Beck Family!

This last week has been much better. I am going to be honest, this last week was very tough, if not one of the toughest of my mission. It was so hard, so many things went wrong. We had our baptism that fell through, we were dropped by investigators, our area was in shambles. And things that i never thought would happen happened, as i heard of the passing of Bro Bryge and Bro Coons. It made last week a very tough and trying one. It made me put a lot of confidence and my trust in the plan that we share. It was a very challenging week, and i was very tired. But things are ok, things turned around. That guy that was going to get baptized, T, is still on track. We are still teaching him and we have reaffirmed with him his desire to do this. He is a 28 year old guy that is trying to change his life, and he truly knows that this is the thing that will do it. We just have some things that we need to work through first, things that will just take a short amount of time. But i have no doubt that he will be baptized, i just hope that i am here to see it happen.

We have been biking a lot lately, im starting to count up our miles and not a day goes by that we dont hit 20. Most days are between 25-30. And those are hilly miles. I tried to put on a pair of my companions pants just to see if i could fit into them. My thighs nearly split the seams. They fit me around the waist, and i had lots of room down by my shins, but my thighs straight nearly burst through those pants. It was like spandex. My legs are huge, now i have proof. I'll send some pics of what happens to us though when we bike this much, we encounter many flats. Many interesting flats.

Transfers will be on April First. That doesnt mean that i will be sent out of whittier, that is just the next soonest time that it could happen. And who knows if i will stay a district leader or not, they like to change those up often.
And im glad that my letter was good. I really hoped that it helped people just a little bit. I wanted to do the only thing i could to try and help out. And again, i want you to know that i meant everything that i said.

 I had to buy another tube for my bike and patch kit.(you can put this in big family letter) Mom, for real, our companionship has the most flat tires of any living missionary companionship in the world. Kid you not. We can not ride our bikes for more that 8 hours without one of us getting a flat tire. WE then try to go as long as we can before we have to change it, we fill up at gas stations and stuff, but eventually everything goes flat, and we must then fix it. I have used so many tubes this transfer, and they all have been patched many times. Whittier is the place that destroys bikes, worst than compton for sure. I believe iti s the hills, it makes you put a lot of pressue of your tires, so all of the glass and thorns are instant death.

When i see a picture of you, i say "that one is MY momma." For real, you are like the coolest/bestest mom out there. Love you mom.


Beck out,

Elder Beck


Really, Really???

I can't believe what's in the road!

We fix flats, and preach the gospel!

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