Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The 99cent store can restore you

Beck Family!

So this week has been pretty great. I went to a leadership training from our mission president last tuesday and that was sweet. For real, i have the best mission president ever. in the world. period. And at that training i learned that i have the most exchanges to do out of anybody in the mission.

district leaders do these things called exchanges were we go to work with another elder in their area for 24 ours, and while i do that one of the other elders comes to my area for the day. So it is just a switch up for a day. But i have to do that with every member of my district, and since i am a district leader the zone leaders have to do an exchange with me as well.

So i found out that i have to most of these to do in the whole mission. I have 9. So that is 9 days out of the transfer tthat i do not get to work with my companion or work in my area. That can be really hard on the area to leave it so much and hard on our investiagorts because they are constantly being taught by different people. But lots of miracles have still happened, even though i am gone from my area 2-3 days a week. This last week we had 2 investigators come to church! We worked so flippin hard to make that happen. They both really liked it and have commited to come back. They have baptismal dates and are working to make them. One of the guys names is J, and i could just see him being such a perfect member, he just fits in. He loves us and has given us a ride home in his truck a couple of times. That is really nice cause we live like 3 miles from his home, and those are 3 miles of gnarley hills, so when we throw our bikes in his truck and he gives us a ride home, that improves our whole day. me and elder H are still just killing it. For real, missionary work is so much funner when you have a good companion. You can actually enjoy the work and get stuff done at the same time when you and your companion are on the same page. 1 of the things we have started to do more recently is going to the 99cent store. Whenever we get really depressed because everything falls apart, we will go into there and contact people, and get ourselves a treat.

It helps. I have spend apporximantely 15 dollars at the 99cent store this last month. Yeah, a lot of things fell apart. But we get to talk to lots of people in spanish in there, and get lots of adresses and names of people to  visit later.

But anyway, things are still going good and this week is gonna be a good week. Also, sierra i am still waiting on your letter. Dont think i forgot that, i am like the accountability king, i follow up on my invitations.

missionary skill just applied to the real world, yes that just happened.

Anyways, i love you family, and have a good week.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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  1. Looking back at your photos I see that Elder H has been checking bike tubes in the sink. No explanation necessary for this family. That is so funny!
    The 99 Cent store? That is a crack up!
    Keep up the good work boys!