Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hard work does pay off

Beck Family!

So ya'll this last week was pretty good. We got to do a good bit of teaching, and i knocked out a few more exchanges that i had to do. I really do like exchanges, getting to go into another area and work with another elder for a day and meet all of their investigators is pretty cool. It feels like a vacation, except you still work, and you no longer have any of your stuff, and nobodies food is as good as mine. Still, its fun. So we had some really good lessons with our investigator T this last week. We have been teaching him for about a transfer, and he is supposed to be baptized this Sunday. We are super excited, he is super prepared. We found him just contacting, and he ate up everything we told him. We got him reading in the Book of Mormon and praying about it every time he read it. We would read the last 2 paragraphs of the introduction with him before everytime we read, and we told him to do the same thing. And guess what he actually did it, cause he is accountable. And funny thing, when you actually do those things you recieve an answer, and that is what happened to him. And so now he has the strong desire to be baptized, because he knwos there is no other church that can do it. Its a great promise the BOM has, it is unfailing and it works every time. And i dont mean that it is a sales technique that works every time, but rather it is a promise from God that is valid every time we prove it. We got him to meet more people in the Ward, and we are all just super excited for this Sunday. Me and Elder H have worked really hard here. We have been out talking to people all day and trying so hard to find prepared people. Honestly, we were not having the numbers success that i have seen before that has followed myu hard work, and so i alsmost got discouraged here that the hard work was not paying off. But we stayed at it, for weeks really, just working as hard as we could, not seeing anything immediatley come from it, but knowing that it would bring the fruits eventually. And we stuck it out, and now we are going to have a baptism this weekend, and it feels so good. I'll tell ya'll how that goes next week. This week we also got to do a bit of service for our investigator J. We helped build his fence, which had gotten destroyed during the rainstorms of last week. man it felt so good to wear jeans and do service, that is really good diversion. But it let me know how white my neck is. for real, i have a gnarley tan line from my white shirts that goes half way down my neck. So my face and half my neck are beautifully tanned, and just below that is ghoslty white, and that is what was exposed to the sun, and that was shocking. That was fun. Well love you family, have a good week, i'll have some picutures next week for ya'll.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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