Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I love America! and the habenero challenge part 2

Beck Family!

So how are ya'll doing? Good? Good, cause i am doing pretty dandy myself. 

First off, it is memorial day, that means it is a great day to all fly your American flags and drink a Coke, and listen to some Journey. AMERICA!!!

I love America.

Now for my week. It has been pretty good. I dont know if i told ya'll, but our mission president has been super sick for a long time. This last tuesday he finally got out of the hospital after 17 straight days in there. He had major surgery on his intestines, but now he is doing better and is recovering, and is already back to working and interviewing. Cause our mission president is John Wayne, better known as Mountain T, he dont play. Hes a boss, and we are all really happy that he is doing better.

In other great news, this last week for district meeting, we had our normal meeting, but afterwards we all as a district did the habenero challenge. That is an elder Beck specialty. It means that everyone eats a whole habenero pepper and then does not eat or drink anything for 3 minutes. It really lets the spicyness sink down into your cells. The whole district did it,and a couple other elders, so all together about 10 elders. It was one of the funniest things i have seen in a while. I have bought a box of habeneros every week for a couple weeeks and have just been pounding then whole everyday, so it really wasnt even a challenge for me. not gonna lie, i took it really cool, calm, and collected, like a boss. I dont even flinch when i eat those now. what is wrong with me? Many others did not though. thhey were crying and spitting and sweating like crazy, and throwing up, and one of them almost fainted, he got really pale and we sat him agaisnt the wall. All in all it was a definite success and a higher level of mancard was earned by everyone that day. Thats what its all about right.

In other more spiritual news, B has been doing really well. She reads the book of mormon every day and has been doing really well. She highlights the book of mormon as she reads so that she can be ready for the questions that she thinks we will ask her about what she read. Cause she knows we are gonna ask her. She is so prepared, and i love teaching her. I love being a teacher of the gospel. It is one of the hardest things to do to teach someone about the gospel in a way that they will understand it and be able to put it into their own words. that requries that we teach simply and with inspired questions. I have been working a lot lately so that i can be a better teacher, so that people can stop trying to decipher the gospel message from me, and be more able to see and recognize the feelings that are in their hearts. I love the gospel, it is just so true.

Anyways, have a good week family, love ya'll, hopefully i get a camera soon so i can take some mroe pictures. Love you.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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