Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's day awesomeness!

Beck family
So i did just talk to ya'll yesterday, but still i loved getting your emails today. Email is the thing that makes this day different, and your emails is what makes it awesome. For real, shout out of thanks to everybody that emails me, i can always use more, but i am super appreciative of everybody that takes the time to do that.
This last week was really good for us. We had some great lessons with some people. One of the best people we are teaching right now is B. She is a young mother of 2 boys. We had a super powerfull lesson with her as we talked about the Book of Mormon. We taught it simply and with conviction. At the end we asked her what it would mean if the book was true. She said that it meant she could continue to have the peace that she felt right there with us. She recognized the spirit and that we brought it with us when we talked to her. She could feel it, and in that moment we could feel it testify to all of us so strongly. Something cool happens when we recognize the spirit, when a name is put to the feelings that we are all having. It was a great lesson, and she has the real potential to be baptized. Pray for her.
The rest of our week was also pretty good, we taught some other cool people, and got to help some elders out. That is one of the coolest parts about being a zone leader, is that we get to help the elders out in our zone and really be the people that they turn to.
Also, right now i am trying to send pictures, but my broken camera wont even let me do that. So if you want pictures you are gonna have to figure out this camera thing for me quick. Mom, i know you want pictures. Dont even pretend like you dont.
Anyways, i absolutley loved talking to all of you yesterday. yesterday was such a good day. After i talked to you the members who house we were skyping from cooked us a carne asada dinner, and it was amazing. literally, yesterday was a perfect day. I love you guys, you are the best, and i know that you support me and all the missionaries so much. Love you.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

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