Sunday, May 25, 2014

I flipplin love that!

Beck Family!
This last week was so good. Like good enough to scrapbook the flip out of it.

So we had a really good teaching week. We met our weekly goals we had set of member present lesson, new investigators, and people with a baptismal date. Something we are getting really big about in the mission is achieving the goals that we set. We dont want to be just goal setters, but goal achievers as well. I flippin love that. Its one of my favorite things to train people on or talk about, how when we set a goal we set it with the determination to accomplish it, not just to inspire us when we set it. I love goal setting and goal achieving ,and that is what we did this week. But it required some miracles. By Sunday night we were still one member present short of our goal and one new investigator, and we had no set plans. But Me and elder W knew that we could achieve our goal because we set it prayerfully so we went out with full faith that we would be able to do it. We were guided to a part member family, and at another home we had a lesson where the investigator invited her friend in to listen to us. We were guided to 3 lessons last night ,and we were able to pick up a new ivestigator and teach a member present lesson, and meet our goals. That feels awesome. To not just be goal setters but goal achievers, im about that life.

We also had some great lessons this week. We have been teaching a girl named B who is doing really well. Honestly she is one of the most prepared people i have ever met. She has been reading daily and taking notes as she reads, and she prays with real faith. And she has accepted a baptismal date becuse she says she feels like she has recieved an answer. She needs a lot of help to make her date and be baptized so pray for her, cause prayer works, that is true doctrine.

I went on exchange with the english district leader in our zone. That meant i got to go to a white area and work with white people and eat white food. Havent done that in like forever. It was weird, my stomach did not like the foreign food of lasagna that i was putting in it. For real, i do not ever, i mean ever, eat white people food, im gonna have to re adjust all over again when i get home.
This week it has also been super hot, ever day has been over 100 degrees, with wednesday hovering over 105. That is to freakin hot, and its only getting hotter. But that s all good, the misisonary work goes forward. Love you family, keep praying for the missionaries, who they are teaching, and that ya'll can have missionary experiences. Love you.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

Dallin skyping on Mother's day!!!

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