Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I plan salvation!

Official missionary soccer team!  well, kinda

Service, service, service

Taming the jungle

yes sister, we will help you tame this jungle

Ohhhh I have a smoothie drinking boy!
Beck Family!
Its cool cause i'm pretty sure this email will get read together by nearly the whole beck family. Nice.
So let me break it down this last week. Crazy. Good. We got tons of work done. Me and elder N last week set the goal of 20 member present lessons this week. We achieved that with 22. In addition we found 12 new investigators. That was a successful week. For real, we just planned effectively. That is one of those skills that i have gotten a lot better at on my mission. Before, i just planned dates. Now, i plan salvation out. Pretty cool. We planned smart and had members out with us nearly all the hours of the day, every day. I believe there were only about 6 hours of total proselyting this last week where we did not have a member with us. And every single time we had a member with us we taught. Even if our sets fell through and we had no more people we knew of, me and my comp would look at each other and ask 'why are we here?' we would then contact or knock, and without fail, every single time, we were able to find someone to teach. Those miracles happened all week. It builds my testimony that when we plan effectively we are always in the right places at the right time, even if it wasnt for who we thought it would be. We dropped 7 investigators last week. We werent sure how we could replace them all. We turned out to nearly double them this week. When we seek the elect and those that are ready to listen, the Lord guides us to those that are ready to recieve us and act. Super cool  stuff like that was happening all week. We also had 4 investigators at church. All of them had good experiences, our ward is super friendly, they can make anyone we bring feel welcome.
I played some soccer with some kids that were playing inside an apartment complex that we visit a lot. good news, i have gotten good enough to have with the 7 year olds. next level, 8 year olds. Bring it on you baptizable 8 year olds, bring it on.
Anyways, it was a great week, we have lots of people with solid baptismal dates, and 4 of those people came to church, so we are excited for them, just gotta keep working with them. Take care family, love ya'll!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

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