Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey Dallin can email everyone now!

So guess what, I can now email everybody! There is no longer the rule that I can only email my family, i can use email to communicate with everybody.

Still keep sending me blog link to everybody, cause i dont want to have to add everyone into my contacts, but what you should do is ask for all of my friends, (or atleast tonys) emails and then I can start hitting them up to.

Writing all the paper letters can kind of be a pain, so this will be great for keeping in touch with everybody. If you just get me tonys email i am pretty sure i will then get all of my friends emails. Also, sorry, but i forgot my camera today, so i cant send home any pictures. i guess next week i will be able to send home some pics, if i remember it. Anyways, thanks for all your doing with keeping everybody up to day on my adventures. I forgot to tell you one though, when i am biking around, it is pretty crazy.

LIke if you remember premium rush at all, that is basically what i am doing every day. It just takes lots of faith and prayer that you wont get hit by every single car that is just flying around. For real, the drivers here at the worst drivers i have ever seen. They just cut people off for fun it seems like, and if you leave any gap between you and the car in front of you for safety, another car will cross 3 lanes of traffic just to take that spot cause it looks faster. For real, nobody here took drivers ed, cause they are road monsters. So that is what i am trying to bike through every day, it really gets your blood pumping having to dodge on oncoming sedan becasue he wasnt looking at you and only the car he was trying to pass.

Just fun times in the LBC.  So anyways, just keep sending people the link to my blog, and just get me tonys email, and that is about it. Love ya'll


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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  1. Hi Dallin, things sound interesting in LBC, I know what you mean by those crazy drivers,my only salvation was I was a lot bigger than they were. Please be careful out there! We r just about to move into our new house and celebrating grandpas 70th birthday,March 29th. We r very proud of u and know The Lord will bless ur efforts with the language and the people. Close for now. Grandma Sue