Friday, March 1, 2013

Wow! Dallin's a worker!

So here are a few of the highlights from Dallin:
this is his longest day far.  He literally had to do all his zone leader responsibilities in one day.  I'll just give you the list

  1. Organize, conduct and carryout a zone conference(which was his companion and him leading the whole zone in a discussion for a hour about what they can do better
  2. then interview everyone in zone
  3. take care of every problems that everyone has---which was trying to get people to get along and there are 46 in his zone
  4. had to organize sacrament meeting
  5. write a talk for sacrament
  6. organize zone priesthood meeting
  7. prepare his separate talk
  8. take care of 4 sick elders who were puking their guts out all day
  9. and teach 2 investigator
  10. create new poster for all zone goal that they made for their zone

What an exhausting day!
But he also says that he is amazed about how little sleep he can do all this on. And he had a little bit of fun bowling down the resident halls! And he's become quite the volleyball player and some of the college volleyball players there have asked him what college he has played for!
also there are 4500 missionaries at the MTC and they are growing by 300 missionaries every week.  And their max capacity is 3000. By the summer there will be 8000 missionaries there.  For his service, he has been moving beds into the rooms.  6 beds in every room.  And he also loves his branch president.  He was a professional musician and actually drummed for Ozzy Osbourne!  No wonder Dallin gets along with him so great!  They both love music and hard work!.
He also says that getting letters and packages are making his day! So keep it up!

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  1. Holy Cow! That's amazing, wonder where he got that worker bee ethic from? His drone parents! LOL! He's doing so great and I love the flat Dallin that you take everywhere with you! Too cute! Christopher is on the downhill slide..home May 14th! Keep up the good work Dallin!