Friday, March 8, 2013

Last week in MTC---Push ups!

Beck Family!

Isnt it absolutely crazy that in one week i will be in the field? actually in 6 days. I guess i shouldnt be that suprised, i have no perception of time in this place. My district has taken on a very difficult task for our last week here, and that is to not speak english at all. Not a single word for any reason for the entire week. No exceptions in the class room, in the residences, or in the showers, no english. And everytime someone does speak  english, they have to do 10 pushups for every single word in english that they spoke. I have been doing pretty good, that was, until i went to gym. In gym i kind of get worked up, and slightly competitive if you can imagine, and it is possible for me to loose my cool and spew off a sentence of 2 in english. It doesnt take many words before you are doing 700 pushups. it was only like 2 sentences, but my goodness did i pay for it. It literally feels like i have a constant headache all day when i am trying to speak only spanish, but i have heard that that means it is working. my brain just aches, but i am getting a bit better at communicating solo in espanol. This means that tonight when i get to orientate the new group of missionaries, i have to do it entirely in spanish. They are gonna be so confused, i remember the first day after my teacher spoke to me all day in spanish, that it was such a relief to hear the zl's talk to us in english.
quick funny story, when the elder in my district got surgery on his hand, they put him under with anesthesia when he woke up, he was speaking fluent spanish, in fact, he couldnt remember english. the nurse was getting mad at him cause he wasnt talking in english, but he just couldnt stop, he just kept going right along speaking the most fluent spansih he has every spoken. eventually the drugs wore off and he lost his gift of tongues. Note to self, if in need fluency with a language, drugs, not class, is the best and fastest way. Just kidding, but hey, its something worth remembering.

Beck Out

Elder Beck

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  1. Wow! Hard to believe that he will be out in the field so soon! His time has flown at the MTC! I would have been hospitalized because of all the pushups I would have had to do! Love the pictures! He is one happy dude!