Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Second week there...he's getting a workout!

Beck Family!

So my goodness, i have just been having one heck of a time out here. Your not gonna believe this, but i still dont have my camera, it is somewhere in the apartment, so i still have to send you all the pics from the mtc and my first few weeks here. I know, i must be killing you, but i there are just so many things that i have to do on p day that i pretty much forget to grab it. today i woke up at 5'30 to get a haircut. My comp cut my hair, he pretty much just gave me a glorified buzz cut. I look more like i should be in the army than a missionary, but hey maybe it is a good look. Then at 6 i go to do my laundry, and since then all i have done is go shopping and clean the apartment. P day is literally as busy, or more, than every other day of the week. It is complete anarchy. But i love it all. Last week i had some crazy things happen. I had to go on exchanges without a spanish speaking companion, in my area. My comp, Elder Leon, is a district leader, so he has to go and do excahnges with the other missionaries in the district. So last week, after i had only been here for 7 days, he left me in charge of my area, and the companion i got stuck with for 24 hours didnt speak a lick of spanish. He had been out here for a while, but he somehow didnt know how to say jack squat in spanish. So for the whole day i was the one contacting people, trying to get appointments, and proselyte all in spanish. Eventually i some how talked my way into someones home, and taught the entire first lesson, all in spanish, and they actually invited us back.

They are just this perfect little family, and if i get my way they are all gonna be baptized. It was crazy, i didnt know where anything was, even how to get back to my own apartment, but i was left in charge of the area. And i got a family worth of new investigators. I dont even know what i was saying when i was in their home, but apparently it was good enough that they invited us all back. I also turned a street contact into a blessing.

This random guy we talked to just unloaded on us about all his problems, so then we asked if he wanted a blessing, and he said yes. So he took us back to his appartment, and i gave him a blessing. Just crazy things like that are happening all the time here. I am so consistently tired its crazy. I ride my bike for hours a day in the california sun, only stopping to walk entire blocks talking to people on the street. At home at night, i just kind of collapse into my bed. But somehow i keep functioning. I have a few things i would like to ask for, if you could send them in a package. If you could send me my little yellow escape tool, that would be great. All i remember is it was somewhere in my room, im guessing that stuff has all been moved anyways. If you could also send me some more stamps, that would be great. There just isnt enough time to every stop by a post office, so if you dont send em to me, i wont ever have em. Also, how much does it cost to send a letter to another country? Like France? A physical hand written letter. I mean, i have got no real reason to ask this question, you know, i was just curious. Like is it 3 stamps or what? And if you could send me a California flag that would be pretty sweet too. I has just been awesome over here, i have been challenging people to baptism, and we will hopefully have one on conference weekend. My companion is half ecuadorian and hondurian. Im not sure if that is politically correct, but close enough. He is a eating champion. He pretty much doesnt eat the entire day, but then once we get to dinner, he makes up for the entire days worth of food. I think he can literally unhinge his lower jaw, and flip on a vaccuum switch behind his ear, and just inhale the food through his gaping mouth. It is impressive and slightly frightening. But he is a great guy, and he works hard, and he never stops for anything. We get along good cause of that. I finally got bike lights today, so now i will be less scared about being hit by cars. I forgot to get them last week, and we just didnt have time in the whole week to go get them. My comp just said, "tenemos fe," and we kept on riding. I got to teach elders quarum on sunday to. Didnt find out about it until 3 minutes before sacrament started. Obviously, the whole thing was in spanish. Just one more of those crazy things we have done since I have been here. It is very nice here, it is 65 degrees the whole day, and it is just perfect. I have heard that it is about to get very hot though, so that is gonna ruin this paradise that i have got going on here. It is great to here that sierra, i knew you wouldnt get anything but 100 percent. Dont ask me how how knew, but i just had a feeling. My bike is pretty nice, its a nice smooth ride, and i have gotten going pretty fast on it when i am racing from one appointment on one side of town to the other. Our area is super big cause as spanish missionaries we cover the whole stake. But since my comp is the district leader, we do have a car. And i am the driver cause he cant drive. So when we drive, i am the one dealing with all of these insane cali drivers. But we like bike more, so we do that more. I have been eating good authentic mexican food almost every night. The members here have a calender to feed us so We have been eating with them for the whole week.

They just know how to do mexican food right. But I am biking so much that I am still actually losing weight out here. Hopefully by the end of this transfer I am gonna be all leaned up. I have already lost 9 pounds since that first mtc week. I am just running and biking and doing all sorts of crazy pushups. I am actually getting in better shape out here, even with all the incredibly fattening food that i am being fed at night. I guess when you work this hard you can just eat whatever you want. I cant enough pronounce half of the food that I am eating, but it all includes beef, is spicy, is some part of it deep fried, and is delicious. On sunday it was fast and testimony meeting, and with a little encouragement from my companion, i went up there and bore my testimony in spanish. My comp makes me do a lot of things that are a bit outside my comfort zone, but are good for me. Well i hope this is long enough for ya'll, I think we should just call this the Epistle of Elder Beck. Being a missionary is awesome. Things are just going great here. Love ya'll.


Beck out,

Elder Beck


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