Monday, April 22, 2013

April 15th---what the zip flip

Beck Family!
Things are going good out here, Hunting Beach is one of the prettiest places i have ever seen. But i still havent seen the ocean since I flew in. Yes, im working in Hunting Beach, and i havent even seen the ocean. What the zip flip. but its all good cause the saying of the mission is "where the sand begins the mission ends." So i wont ever get to go the ocean, but all i want to do is see it. But it just hasnt happened yet. I have been driving for about the last week, and it has totally sucked. Driving in california is the worst. People are completely crazy, they dont look for lane changes, dont check for bikers, and the dont follow the speed limits, like not even close. Yesterday i totally almost got turned into road kill by a speeding car that took a complelety blind left turn and came about 2 inches from bowling me over at about 30 miles per hour. But its all good, cause i am a missionary, and pretty much nothing can happen to me. Right? I have a new respect for you mother. I have been trying to feed myself for only 123 dollars a month, and it is super hard. California is crazy expensive, so i have been doing a lot of top ramen eating, rice a roni, and balogni and chees sandwiches. I long for your home cooking so much, when i read about you feeding the missionaries baked ziti, my mouth starting to water up. And you gotta understand that that is only feeding me for breakfast and lunch, usually i get dinner at members homes. So yes, i guess i still eat plently. Because on only 2 meals a day i am spending quite a bit of money. I usually do 3 top ramens and half a role of saltines for a meal, If i am trying to cut back and be fast. So yes, i miss you mother, more than you know. And samuel thats to bad about the dog, maybe i will have to put in a good word for you, give you a little help in getting that little 4 legged friend. And i dont have a printer, so i cant send you any pics unless i go to walmart, and there isnt always a lot of time for that. But maybe i will make it there eventually. Well i love your letters and sounds like everything is still going great back home. I am just teaching all the live long day out here, trying my darndest to learn spanish, and studying, like a lot. I am trying me best to get along with my companion, trying to learn everything I can from him, espescially the language. Have a good week, Love ya'll
Beck out,
Elder Beck

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