Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's blue eyes

Beck Family!

I have been here for a whole transfer. What the heck, where is all of this time going? That means I am halfway through being trained. Its already been 6 weeks. Thats just crazy to me. I have gotten every package that you have sent, so please, it is ok to send me more. Dont not send me stuff cause you think im not getting it. I am getting it all and enjoying it. That jerkey was really good, and it is a good test for my taste buds to reach in to the bag with my eyes closed and just pick out a piece of meat and eat it. I then try and tell what type of meat it is, either moose, pork, or beef. Its a great challenge, and i am pretty sure that i have been 100 percent so far. My carnivore taste buds are as highly tuned as ever. I love the camelbak, that thing is a life saver. It is so much more comfortable than that other bag i was using, and it doesnt hurt my back, so i think it is gonna become my go to bag. I also have hung up my california flag, it looks good. It hasnt rained once since I have been here. I didnt know that california was more of a desert than utah, but all the missionaries say that it hardly ever rains here, even in the spring, and that I will be lucky if it rains at all in the next couple of months. Right now me and my companion have 5 baptismal dates set and we are working our tales off to make sure that they all go through. I have been helping one of our investigators by helping him get his GED. So i have been tutoring him in writing essays and stuff, and in return he lets us teach him. And he actually said that he wants to get baptised the day after he marries his "wife." So we are also helping him with the legal stuff in getting married. That is kind of the tricky thing here, everybody calls each other husband and wife, even if they are only boyfriend and girlfriend. And unfortunantly it is almost always boyfriend and girlfirend, even when they have their whole lives together. Cause to get married, you have to be legal. And, well, that just isnt all that common. But we work with them and we are making sure that they will be all good for baptism. There is this one street where we work a lot, cause it is where all of the spanish people live. It is called La Pat, and it is just so ghetto i love it. There is always loud gangster rap coming from low riding cars driving by, people just box and fight each other in the driveways, and there are always ice cream trucks there. And that is where a ton of our investigators are, so we spend a lot of time there. And something crazy, i just realized this last week. I just looked around me throughout the day, and i realized that I was the only white guy in sight. Literally, when we work in the northern part of our area, I am the only white guy around. But everybody does like when i try to talk to them in spanish. Cause when they see me they immediatley assume that i dont speak any spanish. So when i simply say "todo bien" after they ask whats up, they are always taken aback, and are just like "whose this white guy?" Then they assume that i am fluent and just start rattling off an entire conversation, which i just kinda sit back and listen to, then turn to my companion, and ask what did he say? Also, every body loves my blue eyes. Apparently that is a pretty big deal with mexicans to have blue eyes, and mine are just the bluest they have ever seen. So when i say like 3 or 4 words in spanish, and they see my blue eyes, everybody loves me. These eagle peepers are earning their money. A lot of them when they meet me try to say something in english to me cause they assume that it dont understand spanish, so they are just suprised when i start speaking spanish back at them. They all assume that i like american football (which is true) and that my favorite food is a hamburger (which is close) and that I am from Utah (which is also true). So i am a very classic white man, that is why they are just so suprised that i (try to) speak spanish. But it is awesome out here, i love working out here with everybody. And tomorrow, i am actually going to be turned into a trio. There are so many missionaries that my trainer is going to start training a new missionary with me. He is a visa waiter, but i dont know anything else about him. But for the next transfer i will be in a trio, so hopefully i like they guy. Well i cant believe that Dad ran a marathon, cause now that means that I have to run one. I am not excited. But gosh darn it I will do it. In 2 years or so, I will have to run one to joing the marathon club. Well done Dad, well done, the bar has been raised. Well have an awesome week everybody, and recover.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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  1. I'm so happy that you are doing so well. I now have to do a marathon as well...I vowed that after 8 I would pick up running in my 40's. I have a year to finishing nursing, start training and move in a different direction then I ever have before. Live you Big D you are in inspiration to the Giauques