Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One month veteran

Beck Family!

What is up? Well i have officially been in the mission for a whole month.

So yes, i am now a seasoned veteran. At least that is what i think, but then I go out and try to speak the spanish, and i am humbled all over again. But still, things are going great. General conference was pretty much I got to go to see all the sessions, and i actually got some of our investigators to go with us. Right now I have 2 families with baptismal dates, and they are not getting out of them. Another guy is going to get his marriage liscense tomorrow so he can get married, so then we can set him up for baptism. The one lady was flipping incredible. She was just a referall and we went and visited her, challenged her to baptism and she accepted. And then during our second visit she went and testified to us about how all of these things are true, and that she now feels the burning desire to get baptized. What a miracle right. It is just insane to go about working out here and to find people that have been so specifically prepared for us to teach them. I would like the army camel bak if that is possible.
 My bishop here is pretty sweet, and on sunday he had the missionaries over for dinner and grilled us all huge prime cut ribeye steaks. The members feedin us here are great, authentic mexican food is spicy and delicious. However it does have its consequences with the digestive system, but it just tastes so good i cant turn it away. Well, I hope ya'll have a good week, and see ya'll later.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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