Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I got to finally see the beach

So, i have had another great week in paradise. This last week my companionship turned into a trio. We got another new greenie, who is actually waiting on his visa to go to Argentina. But since the mtc is so full, they cant keep visa waiters there, so they temp send them to a US mission. His name is Elder xxx, he is really cool, and was actually gonna go play football at Dixie state, so he is pretty good. This last week i did something that i haven't done since the plane ride here, i went to see the ocean. Yes, i finally got to go the coast part of my area, and i saw the ocean. I have a small section of Highway 1 in my area, and we "had" to drive on highway one for a little bit. It was so nice. Endless beautiful beach and  palm trees everywhere. And then i saw the biggest homes i have ever seen in my life. Literally, i saw a castle. A 6 story tall home on the beach that was a castle. It had a gate, big watch towers, and a astin parked out front. Someone literally had the dream as a little kid to live on the beach in a castle, and now that they have enough money to do that, they really did it. It was massive, and crazy. When we were driving through the rich part of hunting beach, the coast, i was just looking around at all of the nice cars. There were enough porches to make them look like economy cars, there were bugotis, locust, ferrari, bentlys, astin martins, audi r8s, lambos, literaly every car that is over 100k. It was insane. Cause then we drove back inland to where we do most of our work, and then we are back to the ghettos with low riding hondas and full sized vans. The coast was so incredibly nice i couldnt hardly believe it, i wanted to go swimming so bad, it was just mind blowing. It is technically in my area, but there arent exaclty any spanish people there. No lie, even the landscapers there were white. Thats what you call the rich part of town. I also have a yahct club in my zone that i drove past, saw a harbor full of yachts bigger that our house. Honestly, there were like private cruise ships. Still doing good out here. Had lots of super tireing days. I am getting slightly more comfortable with the spanish, in that i can atleast slaughter the lessons a little bit less. I have just stopped worrying about messing up and just try say whatever i am thinking of. Cause since i am white(and with stunning blue eyes) they are all so cool with me making mistakes when i am talking to them. They are usually just happy that i atleast try to speak spanish to them all. So they let go a lot of my mistakes, and actually help me out when i mess up. Like i get tons of spanish help from total strangers on the street that i am just trying to talk to. So no, i am not great, but gosh darn it i am trying what i know. These are some pictures of what we make for lunch, and that is some real good fried rice. Home made. Mind blowing good. Also, that is my posterity tie from my father(trainer) which i have to wear atleast once a transfer, and will eventually pass along to my
son(trainee) It is probalby the most hideous tie you have ever seen. But someday it will be someone elses problem. 
Well have a good one ya'll, love everybody.

Beck out,

Elder Beck

This is the awesome fried rice!

Me and my comp. and that fabulous tie!

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