Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My first baptism!!

Beck Family!

So, Life if literally the best right now. Yesterday I had our baptism for xxx and her son xxx, and it was the greatest moment of my life. Honestly, when she was baptized, it had to be one of the highlights of my entire life. She was baptized by her father in law, Hermano xxx , and I actually have a funny story with him. He was my first Contact on my first day as a missionary. My comp. had me contact him even though he was a member and he knew it, but he still had me contact him. Needless to say, it was terrible. But now it is a funny story and since then I have learned a ton of my Spanish and accent from him. He is from Mexico city and he literally has the greatest accent I have ever heard. He looks like the Dos Equis man, and sounds like the man that all other men want to sound like.

He is flippin awesome and when he baptized his daughter in law and grandson, it was just one of the best moments of my entire life. Also, in other news, I am getting transferred. Yes, I am super sad to leave Hunting Beach North, this is my birthplace and I absolutely love it here. but since I am done being trained as of right now, it is time for me to go off into the big bad world. So guess what, I am being transferred to Long Beach North. In other words, I am going to Compton! yep, legit, I am headed to the hood. I leave tomorrow, and I am super excited. I have heard from some people who were in that area of a couple shootings that happened around their apartments in just the last week. So yeah, it is gonna be flippin sweet. Honestly, I love it out here, and I feel like I have a real spiritual recharge from yesterday. I am trying to send lots of pictures right now, but the email really isn't working. I might have to send home the SD card so you can get all the pics. But if I do that, please send it back as soon as possible, cause I want those pictures. Have a good week Family, I love ya'll.

Beck out,

Elder Beck


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