Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm in Compton!

Beck Family!

Holy cow life is awesome here. I am in Compton, and it is freaking fun.

There are so many people here all the time its crazy. Just people on the streets all day long. I actually live in Long Beach, cause no missionaries actually live in Compton, cause that would just be a little to dangerous.
Cool bike name!
One Awesome member
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missionaries at work
yup, this was in my apartment
So i live about 1/2 a mile from the city. But my area is fully in the heart of Compton. It is crazy here, a little sketchy, but crazy fun. My new companion is a fun loving guy and we get along great. He is really good with people, and so we make friends with everybody, and hes really good at being a missionary. My apartment is not nearly as nice as the one i just left. There are roaches and week smoking neighbors, and gay people. Honestly, we have a big "Section 8 welcome here" sign on the front of our apartment complex. not a good sign. But still, its a blast. I think i sent you enough pictures, and sorry if i make a few spelling mistakes, but i just have to work really fast. On saturday we got a lady married so she could finally be baptized. Which she finally was on Sunday. So it was a great start to the work in this area. Compton is honestly like no other place i have ever been to, seen, or even heard of. There is a nearly constant noise of police helicopters out looking for people, lots of sirens, the whole sha-bang. It is just to fun, i love it here.

Beck out,

Elder Beck


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