Thursday, June 20, 2013

There's always a first for everything!

Beck Family!

 That looked like so much fun, the water, the forrest, the fire, all these things that i miss a ton! I am surrounded only by concrete and thugs. Its a little bit different than the great out doors, but its pretty exciting still. The work is going super well here in Compton. I am one of only 4 missionaries, that is 2 companionships, that actually work in compton. Every body else works close to it, or right up to the border, but i am the one that actaully gets to work in it, and it is so much fun. I live in a 4 man pad and it is a blast, we get a long so well, its just super fun. There are plenty of things that are in Compton that i have never really seen before in my life.

Like pimps, legit pimps, thugs that have honestly killed people, fired chicken shops every where, and constant gunshots. Honestly, from the hours of 6-6, there is a steady sound of gunshots and police choppers. super fun right. And yesterday in church I got to confirm the lady who got baptized , shes the one that i send picutres of last week. I was kind of nervous to confirm and bless in front of everybody, espescially in spanish, but it was one of the best spiritual expereinces of my mission. just getting up there and letting the spirit do all the talking, it was super cool. There are just tons of those crazy spiritual experiences out here on the mission, its awesome.

Today i helped push a mans car a 1/2 mile down the road to the gas station, so right now my quads are on fire. We then gave him a card, and he wants to come to church this Sunday. Crazy things like that happen all the time out here, just people put in our path that are ready to hear our message. I get along super good with my new companion, he dirt bikes and was a nearly pro BMX racer, so we get a long just fine.  Have an awesome week family, love ya lots.

Beck out,

Elder Beck

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