Monday, September 23, 2013

Habanero challenge!

Beck Family!
So it has been another great week. We have been teaching with members a lot lately, and there has been great success with it. We try to get a different member out with us every day, and it has been working really well. We have had lots of member present lessons, more than in my last area, and it is just cause we are taking the time to make lots of calls to get them out here. This last week I ate an entire Habanero. And because it was my great idea, we decided to do it without eating or drinking for 3 minutes. So for 3 minutes the fire of the habenero just sunk down into my cells. It was intense. My companion elder stone didnt do so well, as you can see from the picture, it took a heavy toll on him. But my whole trio did it, and because of it I believe we have earned a higher level mancard. It was crazy, and the next day was even crazier, in relation to the spiceyness. We call it the Icey-hot sensation. Cause that is about what it feels like on the way out. pretty intense. My daily schedule as a missionary is kinda like this. I wake up at 6;25 every day, so that we can be running by 6;30. And i run my companions hard. We dont just do a boring run, i incorporate into it buddy cares, frog hops, lunges, sprints, wall runs, everything i can think of. We get he most out of the 1/2 hour. Then studies start at 8. Personal study at 8, comp study at 9, then language study at 10. After that it is time to go out to work. Usually we have lunch at 1, dinner at 5, always done by 6. We try to spend out whole nights teaching, cause that is the best time when everyone is home. Our daily goal that we have set in our companionship is to teach 3 lessons a night, and we hit that goal this whole last week. Thats the basic schedule that vaires just a little bit every day for the days plans. But its tpretty standard every day. Life is still going great out here, and i still love being out here in Compton. I love this city, but goodness gracious i would never visit without a white shirt and tie, Im not thug enough for that. Love ya'll, and take care.

Beck out,
Elder Beck
yes Mam!  he ate that that whole thing

That is what it looks like after you eat it!

trying to be didn't last
Dallin and his comp

Service project...taking down the ceiling

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