Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wow, September is one hot month!

Beck Family!
Sounds like ya'll had a fun summer, not as cool as my summer I got to say, but still pretty fun. Did you know that in Souther California September is the hottest month of the year? And also that we lost our car the day the Elder xxxx went home. So as soon as it  became the hottest it will be the entire year, i got permantly switched to bike for this area. It is flippin hot here, and its not the driest heat either. It is comprable to the devils moustache. And we are biking all over the place, our area is really big, and since we talk to everybody we see, we are out in the sun, talking to people, and biking, for much of my waking day. I now have to eat for real, i have an actual calorie deficit to make up. Eating isnt just for fun anymore, i gotta eat and drink for real and replenish everything im loosing. Lunch is not longer a break, eating is serious business when your biking in this heat. But its super fun, cause when you talk to everybody you see in Compton, you run into some characters. And by characters i mean people that were too crazy for the Asylums. Now i am back into a trio. One of the elders from the other Compton companionship went home, It was really sad, cause we had to drive him to the airport, which was a place i was sure i would not return to for 2 years. so the elder still here got put with me and Elder xxx. I already knew him cause we have been sharing an apartment for 7 weeks, but now it is just us 3 covering all of Compton. And that is a large area. We have to keep moving to get anything done. But we are teaching like crazy, so its definitley all worth it. We have been finding new families, and have some investigators that are right at the edge of baptism. The work is going good out in the hood. Something new that we have been focusing a lot on with our new mission president is achieving our goals. He says how to many times we set goals merely to be inspired by them, and then dont achieve them. He has stressed how we should achieve what we set out to do, that we should be inspired not from setting goals, but from achieving goals. I have taken this mentalitly to heart. We are achieving the goals we set as a companionship,and that is awesome. We are working hard to make sure that we we say we are going to do something, that we then do everything in our power to do it. It gets me pumped, and makes me want to teach the living crap out of this place. I still absolutely love being a missionary. Have a great week family, love ya'll.
Beck out,
Elder Beck

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