Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Biking in Compton

Beck Family!

So it has been a crazy week. Oh yes, i am emailing you on Tuesday, because yesterday was labor day and our library was closed. So we got permission to email ya'll today. So im just hoping mom didnt freak out in the last couple of hours waiting for a letter from her missionary, just stay calm mom. This last week has been awesome. Elder xxx  went home Tuesday, and he was actually realesed to his father monday night, so that was the last time i saw him. For the last thing we did together, we went to the swap meet, got lots of really cool stuff for dirt cheap( if you are a good money talker) and then we destroyed all of his letters he still had from the girl that dear johned him one year into his mission. He took a baseball bat to that stuff and held nothing back. Then we each burned some letters for him, letters from her that said how she wanted to be married in the temple and all that stuff, we burned it all. Then i disconnected the fire alarm cause that went off, and i know how. Then we left, and did not come back to our appartment until night, because we made everything smell like smoke and didnt want them to know it was us. But it really isnt a big deal, every single one of our neighbors smokes weed every night, so you couldt even tell we had burned stuff. My new companion is Elder xxx, and he is awesome. He is just as old as me in the mission, and a gringo too. So they thought it would be a good idea to put the two of us together out here. We are on bike now, and i now realize how dirty the streets of Compton are.

There is broken glass, garbage, and frikin thorns every where. No lie, In the last 3 days we have gotten 5 flats, and then blew a tube while trying to fix it. This is a bikers nightmare out here, im thinking about getting solid tires, not kidding, or i will be fixing tires every lunch for the rest of my time here. 2 nights ago when my comp. got double flats at

9:15 on our way back to the apartment, that really put a damper on our night. We started walking the bikes home through the heart of Compton, which is a less than ideal place to be at that hour. The sounds of gunshots were just enough to encourage us to walk faster and get to a main road ASAP. We got home without incident at about 10:05. I really dont want that to happen again. Yesterday the ward did a party for labor day, and since it was our P-day, we got permission to go. So we went and played soccer and volleyball with all of the members, it was super fun. Then we came home, and got a start on all of our bike trouble. Thats kind of whats been going on in my neck of the woods, fun stuff as usual. Keep me posted on all the stuff about home. And yes dad, i can not wait to watch football again, but i guess ill just have to make do without it for now. But you can atleast let me know if Herriman and the Cowboys are winning. Thanks for everything, love ya'll


Beck out,

Elder Beck


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