Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bikes and cultural events

Beck Family!
So how are ya'll doing? I have had yet another great week down in the hood. We have been working our red-zoned area more recently, just more time in the ghetto of ghettos. My bike is the only bike that has been holding up to these Compton roads. My companions bikes are being put through the ringer. We are fixing flat tires every single day at lunch, and we have to make weekly trips to the bike shop on P-day. The roads in Compton are less than ideal for bicycles. So many thorns, all the glass, the garbage just stays on the road forever. But my bike has been handling it really well, i havent had any real problems, and i dont get flat tires. So wahoo, i count my blessings. Someone did however try to steal our bikes this last week. We chain our 3 bikes up with 3 bike lockes, mine that goes around all the bike frames and the pole we are chaining too, and the other 2 locks go on the front and bike tires to lock them all together. Because if you just chain you bike to a pole, people will still come by and take you tires. If they are really despereate they will take you handle bars and seat to. So to help prevent that i have put super glue in all of the sockets for my handle bars and seat, so they cant fit the alan wrench in there. these are just some of the safetly measures we have to take to keep out bikes safe. I have put super glue in nearly every socket on my bike, which would make it a huge pain if i ever had to change my handle bars or something. But its what we have to do to keep thievs from stripping our bikes clean. I have also taped and spray painted my bike a little bit to make it look really crappy so people dont want to steal it. But anyways, when we can back to our bikes friday morning, some guy riding by told us that some people had stopped in their truck, gotten out with bolt cutters and had tried to steal our bikes. But i bought a really expensive german made bike lock that is made to withstand Compton. So they just ended up scratching my lock, then driving away. If i had gotten a cheap lock they would have taken all 3 of our bikes. They are constantly trying to steal our bikes, not the gangs, just the low level thugs that probably just want to sell it for enough money for another hit. The good news is the gangs will "take care" of anyone they catch trying to mess with our bikes. This last week we had a ward party that was huge. It was a party to celebrate all of the different countries that the members of our ward come from. So for the activity all of the people from the same countries got together and would have a little booth on their country. They would have authentic food, and native stuff from their country. And for the activity each country had a turn to do a native dance and or song, all with the native clothing. It was freakin legit. I tried authentic food from pretty much every country Mexico and south. They got some good stuff, but i think i still like Mexican the best. Their food is the spiciest. It was also an awesome activity for getting investigators and less actives to come to. we had around 22 investigators come and a ton of less actives. Some of them even participated in the dancing and brought authentic food. So it was really awesome. We have some awesome investigators, and should be having a few baptisms coming up. Our recent converts are on fire, and they are inviting all of their friends and family to come listen to the missionaries. They have the recent convert fire, and it is doing wonders. We had even more lessons this last week than the week before, we are putting all of our emphasis on member present lessons, and the results are certainly coming from it. WE had 12 member present lessons this last week, which for me is a personal best so far. But i dont see why we cant beat that this week if we keep doing what we are doing. Thanks for everything family, you are all the best. Love ya'll.
Beck out,
Elder Beck
Cool eh?

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