Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Investigators ahoy!

Beck Family!

 We had a pretty good week. We had 5 investigators at church yesterday, and they are all really progressing. We have a bunch of other new investigators that we just found, and the ward here is starting to get into missionary work. They are giving us referals, and things are going really well. Stuff happened. We are finding people who are really ready to accept us and to make changes. And the members are starting to give us referals, and that is by far the best to do missionary work. Because then it means the investigator already has a friend and connection with the church, and that is the foundation for success we need. I might have to go get new brakes on my bike, i am wearing through mine really fast. Again, we are being as safe as we can, but still, my brakes are wearing down. Not sure how expensive that will be, maybe just make sure i have atleast 100 dollars in my personal money. Everything is still going great out here, it is weird, but Compton has really become my home. Never in 100 years did i ever think i would type that sentence, but alas, it has happened. I love it out here, it is just so much fun. thanks for everything family, you are all the best, and i love ya'll.

Dallin and his Comps
cool picture
Dallin's action figures coming in handy
true missionary the rain!

Beck out,

Elder Beck

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