Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's a bummer when your Pday is on Columbus day!

Beck Family!

Well, bad news, but apparently today is a federal holiday of some sort, so the library is closed. That means i am hear at the stake center and i only have 1/2 hour to email.So its gonna be short this week. sorry. I didnt get to hardly email anybody else either. We confirmed our 2 new converts yesterday in church. It was pretty sweet. We have been riding our bikes a ton. Honeslty, we crank out over 10 miles a day. And in our small area of compton and with talking to everybody we see, that is a lot of stop and go bike riding. We bike way to much, but its awesome. I am literally that crazy guy that all the cars hate. I swerve in and out of cars, we ride on the highway some time, we ride up and down the off ramps. We dont stop at any stop signs. We are lawless, just like the rest of this city. It is so freakin fun, and it really is the only way we can get around to all the places we have to go. We have to pull some crazy moves to get to appointments on time. Also super lame, these computers do not agree with my camara card reader, so i cant even send pictures this week. Or see any of the pictures that people sent me. Super lame. I had some good pictures from this last week, just going to have to wait a week. Please know that i actually did read your emails, i just dont have any time to respond to them. Your not forgotten, just the government has let me down today. I still love ya'll. This last week we sent Elder xxx home. Sad, but good, he had finished his 2 years, and went home the right way, by baptizing on his last weekend. Still thank ya'll for all the support, i promise that next week will be a little bit better. I will sumarize those events from last october of last year next week for ya dad. I still gotta squeeze off an email to the mission pres. so ill talkt to ya'll later. And go Herriman!


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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