Friday, October 4, 2013

We beat our GOAL! feels awesome!

Beck Family!

Well holy cow have I had a great week. This last week our focus has been to get member present lessons. So to do that we were making dozens of phone calls every day to try and get members to come out with us to lessons. We were doing everything we could think of to get members out with us, and in the end it payed off. We were able to have 21 member present lessons this last week, and that was no small miracle from the Lord. It feels so good to achieve and exceed a goal. Our goal as a district was to have 21 member presents, but we thought that if we tried hard enough, we would be able to achieve that goal just as a companionship. And we did, all thanks to the Lord, we got it. So many of them were miracle lessons, part member family's, and countless ways that the Lord had prepared people to receive us. My brain is just tired from all of the work that it took to get that many lessons, but goodness it was so worth it. We are seeing the blessings all over, we have had other investigators come to church, others set their own baptismal dates, others started reading the Book of Mormon. Countless blessings. This last P-day we went to Roscoes Chickin N Waffles. Still frikin delicious. And then we went to the Queen Marry. It is an old gigantic cruise ship that they have parked at the Long Beach Port. The tour was like 30 bucks, so we didnt do that, just took some pictures. They also had a old Russian submarine. So i decided to sink it. At least that was my intention. Your welcome America. The long Beach port is massive, absolutely huge. Those cranes are comparable to the cruise ship in size, they make the large cargo boxes look like legos. It was quite a site to see. When we brought out a member to one of our Investigators who hadnt been progressing, the member was able to walk to him, and by the end of the lesson, the investigator set his own baptismal date. Seriously, getting the members out with us has been incredible.

Beck out,
The Queen Mary

Those gigantic cranes
Anyways, i love ya'll, and thanks for all the support, that means a lot to me out here.

Elder Beck

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  1. That is so cool! The Queen Mary is part museum and part hotel. I have stayed overnight there and done the tours, pretty cool experience. I love that Elder Beck and his Comp. took the mission goal and made it their own! Go Pioneer Ward Missionaries!!