Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Energy from the Lord!

Beck Family!

How is everything going? Its awesome to hear about all of the fun stuff you are doing. And Hyrum, way to be, riding the big boy bike. If there is competition for that bike when i get home, that will make me so happy, cause then i'll know that Hyrum has shown up to ride. Awesome. This last week was pretty good. We had a really cool lesson a couple of days ago with one of our investigators that I have been teaching for nearly as long as I have been in Compton. We have taught him everything, and he wants to be baptized, but his problem is that his ex wife still lives in his house, so he cant be baptized. Unless he moves out, which is what we have been working on with him for a while. for months. But this last week we decided to bring over our recent convert for a lesson. We thought that she would be good because she had to do something similar to be baptized, she had to move to a new home, and she did it to be baptized. It was a really cool lesson, because we hardly talked at all. We just got to watch as she testified to him about the blessings she has seen since she joined the church, and how nothing should ever stop someone from experiencing those blessings. He is now moving out this Wednesday, he is moving to Las Vegas. We probably wont get to baptize him, but he will move there, and be baptized within the week. That is because we had the power of a members testimony during a lesson. members tesitmonies really are so powerfull, they bring the spirit which invites people to act. So that was a cool experience.
 For some questions that i think  i need to answer for ya'll. I get 123$ every month to budget with, and that is what i spend for food, haircuts, laundry, dry cleaning, and hygenics. Everything else personal i have to pay for with personal money, like bike repairs, souvenires, printing pictures, and those types of things. The church has it worked out that all of our utilities and rent are automatically payed every month, so we never see any of that money. We just send in the work orders we need for our apartment, which our complex does for free. I spend pretty much all the money on food, and we rely on our members a lot. We have dinner pretty much every night at a members home, and often we have lunches. If we we didnt have those, i would be starving, and would have to dip into my personal money just to get by. We shop at Winco, cause we have one in our zone. Which is good, because the only hope i have for making that much money feed me is to by bulk. Anything less and i would be in trouble. One of the great things about being a missionary is that i feel like i have exactly the amount of energy i need every day to do what God wants me to do. And I think God wants us to work hard, so i am convinced that we all have enough energy to work hard if we are being obedient. I am known as an anti-napper. If any of my companions ever takes a nap, they know full well what i am going to do to them to wake them up. I am going to fill up a tube sock with bars of soap and hit them until they are awake. So far, not a single on of my companions has tried to take a nap. As soon as

10:30 hits at night, i feel all of my energy just zap, but in the working hours of the day, i feel like i can work relentlessly hard every single day. My companions are always exhausted, and its because i think i  put them through a very tireing mission experience with me. But the very last thing i will ever be known for is a missionary that took it easy. I will die knowing that i was a relentless worker as a missionary. I do it all with positive thoughts. Whenever my body starts thinking it is tired, or needs a well deserved break, or needs to slows down riding up this hill, i positivley command my body to do what my spirit wants to do. I am all about as Elder Holland says "square shoulders and positive thinking." Im convinced with those two things we will always have the energy we need to do everything that they Lord wants us to do. Being a missionary is tireing, and exhausting, but only if you let those thoughts dominate thoughts of the people you can teach, the families you can help, and the happiness you can bring. Those thoughts outweigh those any day, and that is where i get my energy from. Thanks family for all that you do, ya'll are the best, have a good one.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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