Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's way hilly up here in Whitter!

Here are all the answers to all of Mom's questions:

1. I am still very much on bike. I am on bike so hard. My area is one of, if not the, hilliest area in the mission. SO many hills, and they are all massive, and could pass as mountains in eastern states. My legs are getting jacked. No lie, from the hips down i will be yoked in no time.

2. My companion is Elder R***. He is from Smithfield utah, up by logan.

He runs cross country is super fast and impssible to keep up with in the morning.

3. I am actually living with members right now. We live is a small room they have that also has a bathroom and small closet. Technically it is all we need, but it is a lot less space than I had. It is just the 2 of us that are living there.

4. Job as district leader is basically to keep everyone in my district accountable and safe. There are 11 elders in my district, and we all work in the same ward named La Esperanza, which is the spanish ward up here in Whittier.

5. I am still emailing at a library up here, but you only get 1 hour here instead of the 2 that i was enjoying down in Compton, so I am typing really fast. for that please excuse all typing errors.

6. Thanksgiving plans are to eat as many dinners with as many member as humanly possible. I heard that at the end of the day you want to throw up.

Bring it on.

7. The members do a pretty good job feeding us. I think we usually get 5 member dinners a week up here, which isnt to bad.

8. I get mail probably 2 a week. Really it is whenever someone makes a trip down to the office and brings it back.

More info about Whitter:   It is the hilliest city i think i can possibley imagine. And we are doing everything on bike. Yeah. On Thursday my back brakes went out, so i H ave been going since then with out brakes. So to stop at the bottom of all of these monster hiils, I am just using my foot and scraping against the ground. Today i will buy some new brake pads, because i dont want to have to get new shoes.
This last week in my first week of being a district leader, I got to do a baptismal interview for an investigator of one of the other companionships. It was such a cool experience to feel the holy ghost confirm to me that this young woman was ready for baptims. In my first week in this district, there has already been 2 baptisms, and the work is really progressing out here. Whittier has a stigma of being a hard place to work, but i think that we are proving that it all depends on you attitude and how hard you want to work. Thanks for everything family, love ya'll.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

spelling really isn't their thing

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