Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween is not a fun missionary holiday

Beck Family!

We had an awesome week, we have been teaching really good lately. And by that i mean the spirit has been teaching really good, we just get the front row seats. There were some really cool moments this last week when i swear i just felt the Spirit take over mine and my companions words. One time we went by a potential investigator this last week, and had such a spiritual experience. She was very sad and angry when we arrived to her house, and without giving us a chance to say anything, she turned around and walked into the house and just left us outside her gate. We shouted out to her for her to stop because we just wanted to share with her a message of happiness and about the plan God has for us. For some reason, she stopped, and turned around, and said that we had 1 minute before she walked back inside. From then on it is a little hard to recall, because the spirit totally took over, and the next thing i knew we were invited into her home, where we then taught her about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was so spiritual, i cant remember hardly any of what I said, but everything touched her heart.

She cried continually as the spirit helped her come to know the truthfullness of our message. It was amazing.

For halloween, it really sucked. We have to stay in our apartment and clean the whole night. The reason is because in this area people go out dressed up as missionaires, so it is best for us to just stay inside. So we deeped clean our whole apartment. It was filthy. I saw things that i never wanted to see. Enough of that. For the day of the dead, there were lots of festivals and stuff going on. Everybody makes food that their deceased family liked, then they all have a party, they paint their faces like skulls, then they get drunk and dance arund for the rest of the night.

Crazy holiday.

Anyways, thanks for everything family, love ya'll.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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