Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Skectchy ride home

Beck Family!
How are ya'll.
So i dont really have anytime today to eamil. It is veterans day, so that means that we are all crammed into the stake center history center again, so i have a total of 20 minutes to read and email everybody. Cause i am holding up like 7 elders, so i cant really take time. Sorry ya'll, but its the curse of the holidays. Missionaries dont even celbrate holidays, we just work the same. So i dont like it when the holidays mess with our everday lives. But what are you gonna do.
We had a great week this last week, we set a couple more baptismal dates, and we should be having a couple this weekend. Just gotta keep working hard to see all of those miracle blessings that a mission is made of.
We went to the sketchiest place i have ever been in my life this last week. We rode the LA river trail at 8 at night. So scary. There are hobo villes built all along the trail, it goes through scary tunnes and sketchy bridges. And some rabid hobo dogs tried to attack as as we were riding through, they were big and biting at our ankles litterally as we were riding away as fast as we could. Thats all i got time for today, love ya'll.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

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