Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pres. Day and all other Monday Holidays :(

Beck Family!

Yep thats right, it is another federal holiday that falls on monday. So what does that mean? It means that all of the libraries are closed, and that if any missionaries want to email they must use the family history centers inside the stake centers. And we all know what levels of computers these places have, stone age! And of course the stake center has to be shared by 2 zones, over 45 missionaries, so we all get aproximatley zero time to read or respond to emails. Not cool at all. But whatever. and because of that i also will not be able to send any more pictures today.


So we had transfers this last week and i am staying here in Whittier with elder H for another transfer. Im actually really excited. I have really liked working with elder H and we get along so good, we are just having a blast out here every single day. And we still do not have a car, so we will continue to cover the largest and hilliest area in the mission solely by bike, cause we are to hard core for anything else. My entire district is also staying the same, which is super rare. Remember, i have 10 elders in the district, and not a single one of them moved during transfer, so we are all still together working in whittier. We are working with the ward super good now, and members have been coming out with us and it makes out lessons so much more powerful. Also, i will never send an email that says do not send me stuff, espescially jerky. Im a man afterall, there is no threshold for jerky, so send me all of the stuff you desire, i will never complain. Thanks for everything family, i love you all, and i have loved the handwritten letters from you. Thanks for everything.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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