Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shark week

Beck Family!

This is going to have to be a short letter, because i have had an awesome P-day and have gotten to the library super late and we still ahve to shop.

This morning we went down to long beach to the aquatium of the pacific.

Garrett would have gone bazerk. It was crazy awesome, ive been touching sharks and rays and seals and jellly fish all morning. Super cool, and the aquarium is right on the beach, so you get all the ocean view with light houses and everything. Super cool morning, but it has left me with little time now. I will send more pictures later, because believe me, i ahve taken a lot. This last week we had some investigators come to church and accept baptismal dates, so we are working a lot with them. We have been working so hard, we are doing everything in our power to see miracels happen. We are out working all the day long, talking to everybody and trying our very best. It feels good to know that you are giving it your all, and that is what we are doing. me and elder H.
have a great time everyday, we work awesome together and are just killing it together. Love you Family, thanks for everything, ya'll have a good week.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

P.S. at the aquarium touching sharks. my life is awesome

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