Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good thing the Lord knows me!

Beck Family!

So i have sent a billion pictures to you this week, hopefully that paints a good picture of what is going on in my life. So, this last week has been pretty great. We were able to find new investigators, which we really needed, and we even had an investigator offer us to take us with them to Mexico. They were totally serious, if we had said yes they would have done it and i would be in Tijuana right now. So the fact that i am emailing you today is proof that we said no, and decided to stay in the states. They really do love us, and always are feeding us and giving us stuff. And now they said they will take us to Mexico if we ever want, so that is a bonus.

I love teaching cool people like that, people that like us, but also really like what we are telling them. The husband Jose is so funny, and has committed to baptism and is progressing well. He actually bore his testimony to his wife in our last lesson, so that was a really cool thing to see. An investigator who before did not know anything about our church being able to tell the ones he loves about the truthfulness of the gospel because he has seen it bless his life. Cant beat that. My pictures hopefully explain my ordeal with the flat tires and the rain, that made for a crazy week. Also, right now my companion has strep throat. But its awesome, cause he absolutley refuses to stop working. So we have continued to work, just like we were before, excpet now i get to do the majority of the talking. For real, i love being with a guy with such a 'cant stop, wont stop' attitude, that fires me up. I got somebody who likes working as hard as me, that is a blessing and we are just gonna keep on going. But you probably shouldnt tell his mom that, she would probably freak out if she found out that her son is biking in the rain when his throat is covered in white dots. I think his mom would overreact to that. Anyways, have a great week family, thank you for all of the letters that you all write every week. I might not get to respond to every letter, but i read every letter ayou all send and i love em, they really do help me keep going. Thanks again, love ya'll

The screw

My nemesis!

I can't even explain this!

When Cali fasts for rain, well it pours!

Kinda looking like a worn out missionary

Keeping it the rain!
  Shawn asked him a question about his sleep:
its definitley still lights out for me. When i decide to go to sleep, i go to sleep quickly. I could sleep anywhere i wanted to, i am firmly convinced that i could put my head down anywhere at anypoint of the day and be asleep within 5 minutes. I just dont let myself do that until 10:30 at night. But i dont hardly ever, i mean ever, make it until 10:35. Sounds like a super fun band concert, i bet its cool to have all of them in one show. And as for it already being a year, i dont even know what to say. This is the greatest time of my life, i feel like i learn so much every day out here.
And that he's been out one year!
How can it possibley be half way done? it worries me, but it also drives me to soak up every single moment i can, to become the very best that God can help me become. Im sure that there are great years to come, but for now it is hard to imagine myself not being a missionay. I feel like it is my entire identity, it is my entire character to be a missionary here. I just have to trust that if i continue to try my best out here that everything will eventually work out and be even better afterwards. I really do love it out here, this is the best. Thanks for everything dad.
Beck out,
Elder Beck
oh my goodness, that was my 2nd superbowl i have missed. It sounded super fun, defense wins championships. I didnt see a single second of the game, no mexicans were watching it while we visited them. So i didnt even get a honest glance at the tv to see the score, I guess God knows what tempation is to much for me.

Beck out,

Elder Beck


  1. If Elder H told you that his mother is an over-reactor then you have permission to call him out on that!
    We prayed so very hard for him to get a companion who appreciates him and is a hard worker. You brought tears to my eyes tonight. Thank you. How can I contact your family?

  2. Hi parents of Elder H
    sorry I didn't get to this to you sooner. my email is
    Can't wait to chat