Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rough weeks are good for missionaries

Beck Family!

So hopefully today i have made up for 2 rough weeks of email in a row.

Today we havent done anything crazy for p-day, just tried to recover a little bit, because we are aboslutley trashed. For real, im exhausted. I hear from other elders that being a missionary is the hardest thing they have done mentally and spiritually, and i agree, but i could also qualify it as the hardest physical thing as well. And if nobody agrees with that, you should come be my companion for a week. Its not like any single activity we do is the hardest thing ever, but it is the complete consistency of the activities we do that is aboslutley draining the very core. We bike lots, we bike hills all day, we often have a 4 mile bike ride sprint every other night to get back to the apartment on time. That makes me go to sleep really quickly. We run hard in the morning every morning.

And for every single moment we spend outside of our apartment, we spend it with purpose. Whether it is biking or walking or contacting or teaching, everything we do has a distinct and specific purpose. There is no time to relax or to just wonder what we should do next. i believe that since every day is so purposefully planned that is just draining. Recovery time does not exist, rest is a distant memory, and laziness does not exist in the terminology. I love it. We are sustained completely by Spirit energy, and i know that the fruits from our hard work will follow. Maybe it isnt the hardest physical challenge i could imagine, but i have never been more tired in my entire life. Ever. I hope that i sent enough pictures to make the new digital picture wall, choose some good ones. We have this investigator right now that is doing really well. He has a bap date and is moving well to make it. He keeps all of our commitments, and is just an accountable little bugger. Also, he is the guy with roosters, so thats cool. But we have had a lot of good lessons with him, and he really like church when he came. Good things will happen, our hard, but smart, work will turn into things i know it. Me and my comp just yell at each other all day 'Cant Stop! Wont Stop!" Thats the attitude, and we are rolling with it.

Thanks for everything family love ya'll.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

Elder Beck does look incredible :)

The rooster on a leash

Welcome to my lair, Mr. Bond

Who knew there was a light house in Long Beach!

So this is a way for missionaries to make contacts with people.  They ask them about their pepper plants and then try one!  I think the people are more impressed with these gringos!

Dallin and his comp. got to go to this Budda temple

Great place to study

Stone face

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