Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter time is the best time

Beck Family!

first off my space bar doesn't really work, so please correct any of these errors before putting this on the blog.So frustrating, i know, but there is nothing I can do about it.

This ast week was super good. WE had 5 investigators come to church yesterday. It was 3 full families that came, with5 of them being actively taught. IT was so good to see. One of the guys name is J, he has been investigating the church since his wife and kids got baptized 3 years ago. And now, he is going to be baptized this Saturday. He finally made the decision to be baptized, and he is going through with it. He set his own baptismal date and is doing it on his own time, but we are so excited for him. We have been working with him a lot, and now he is going to join his family. ON saturday one of the members that comes with us to teach him took him and his wife to the LA temple and visitors center. They both loved it and made it a goal for them to be married in the temple. How cool is that. There are such prepared people in this area, i really am so blessed to be here.

Another guy that came to church is also pretty legit. His name is D, and him and his wife fasted together yesterday so that they could know what to do so he could be baptized.

Also, pico rivera is a  pretty cool place ,somebody just got shotup in our favorite trailer park.


I will send some pictures to makeup for his.



The members are so wonderful to us!

Helping hands

Early morning Easter devotional

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