Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Temple Tuesday

Beck Family!

So this last week was pretty great. We had lots of super bomb lessons with people, and did lots of good teaching. Last Tuesday we woke up at 5am to go drop elder K off at the airport. That is way to early for a missionary to be awake. The next day we saw a video at a members house of his homecoming and when he saw his girlfriend. It was crazy. He went home and me his girlfriend, who has waited for him the whole 2 years, out front of the st george temple. Crazy. His family filmed him seeing her for the first time. Not going to lie, it made me not want to go home, i just want to be a missionary forever. But that is not the only early day of my last week.On friday we also had a zone conference, those are always great. Cause any chance i have to hear Pres. Tew speak, that just makes everything a great day. It was about improving our teaching skills so we can teach more simpley and bring the spirit better. Great meeting. then on Sunday we woke up at 4:30 am to get to an early morning easter sunrise devotional. It was put on by the city of whittier, and had lots of different local pastors and preachers give prayers and read scriptures about the resurrecion. And our stake president got to be the keynote speaker this year. It was incredible the difference in feeling as he spoke as to when the others spoke. Nobody, i mean nobody else there brought the spirit. But when stake president powell gets up there, everybody felt something. Then we had a great church service and had some investigators come. One of our investigators even set his own baptismal date, so cant complain about that. And on sunday night i got to go see the baptism of T. He was somebody that me and elder H found and  started teaching 3 months ago. We taught him so much, literally biking hundreds of miles overall from his house to our apartment. He was the one that had a baptismal date that fell through 4 hours before the service, even after he had passed the interview. but on sunday he was fully ready, and he made that covenant of baptism, and he understands what is really means. So good to see, so good to see someone who means so much to you make that step of baptism. Aint nothing like it. And now today, tuesday, i woke up at around 4:330 to get to the LA temple. The LA temple is so cool, i say that everytime, but for real, its legit. I loved it, such a spiritual place. But incase you havent been keeping track, i have spent 3 days in the last week waking up at 5am or earlier. that is unprecedented on my mission, and i am fully exhausted. I dont have those hours to give up. But for all of the things i woke up for, i guess they were all worth it. But im flippin tired now.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

The ZL trio

Awesome group of Elders + one awesome investigator!


The elders are expert movers!

And they love, love,love Temple Tuesday!

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