Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pico Rivera...# 1 in drive by shootings

So beck Family!

Here is the better letter that i promised you. So this last week has been super good for us. Even though we had a lot of our time taken up for dumb little things. On tuesday we had an entire day of meetings. Literally the whole day. That is jsut part of the Zone leader life is now i get to go to a ton more meetings. And for the last 2 days we havent left the apartment except for sacrament meeting because elder W has been super sick. Just puking his guts and blood out. Yep, gross. But he will get better. I even got to go to walmart at like 11 at night to buy him some medicine. it was approved by president so nobody freak out. But he is doingbetter today. But even with all of that we had a really good week. We were able to teach double digit member present lessons this week, which is always a great thing. The members here in this ward are super good, maybe the best i have seen at coming out with the missioanryes. They actually look for ways to come out with you, not the excuses of why they cant. For real, never give missionaries excuses for why you cant come out with them. You can always come out, even if it isnt the exact time that they asked you to, volunteer that you can come out a different time, or actually move your life a little bit to go out. For real, it is the most annoying thing in the world when we ask a member to come out with us and they tell us that they cant because they have to do the laundyr at that time, or that thye have to cook dinner. those things can be moved, salvation, can not. Sorry, that was dramatic. But that is what i love about this ward and these members, they look for the ways to become available to come out with us, andbecause of it there is a lot of super good things happening in this ward. We had 3 investigators come to church this week, and they all stayed for the classes too becasue the members fellowshipped them and stayed with them. That is the difference that members make, we need them to help people really get the full church expereince.

So tomorrow i am going to drop off elder K at the airport. His 2 years are up, that means im gonna wake up at 5 am to get him to his flight on time. I might collapse with exhaustion. I have everytime ive done this i nthe past. I have loved being in our zone leader trio, its been super fun. But its time for him to go home. Its all good though. Me and elder W are gonna keep good things happening here, and we are going to see good things happen. I got the jerky, me and my companins have loved it. This is an exact quote from elder K  "I have tried a lot of jerky in my life, but this is easily the best jerky that my mouth has ever tasted. I would pay you for it, but becasue you are my companion i know you will just charitabley share it with me."

So well done on the jerky family, well done.

The library i am at will not allow me to send pictures so that will have to wait, sorry family, i know that i really like pictures too.

I went on exchanges with the AP this week, it was super good. But the thing is everytime i am with my mission president or with the AP's i realize how crappy of a missionary i am. My mission president is just so good, soo goooood, that everytime i see him i realize that i am so far being being that good. But it is ok, i think im still taking my baby steps forward.

Oh, and this week, i heard that Pico Rivera was rated  the number one place in the nation for drive by shootings. Now the only reason i would belive that is because one of the recent converts in this area was just shot this last week. It went right though his kidney and out his stomach. He was shot with a rifle from a car,classic drve by. He is doing just fine now(priesthood blessing) but it makes me think that maybe it is real about the drive by stat. Somebody should check that for me, i want to know if that is true.

Love you family, take care.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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