Sunday, June 8, 2014

Elder Ballard Rocks!

Beck Family!

If this week goes well this will be the last email that i have to send without a picture attatched to it. Thats good cause i hate not having a picture or sending anyting with the email. But we move on.

Gues what happened this week? Ok, ya'll took to long. Elder M. Russell Ballard came and visited our mission! and theres more, he gave a private training to us missionaries on Saturday for about 2 hours. Freakin incredible. WE all showed up early and we all got to shake his hand. He came with elder Acosta of the area seventy and elder Switzer of the first 70. They all talked, but elder Ballard talked for about 1 hour to us. It was incredible. But the building we were in the AC was not working. So because elder Ballard is a man and understands, he had us all take our suits off and he did too. Apostles do what they darn want to. Only an apostle can call together an entire mission together, no other meetings in the mission involve every missionary at once. So it was awesome cause i got to see all of my old companions and talk about our old areas and how everybody is doing. Elder Ballards training was great and it was on how we need to understand and internalize the simple things to teach them powerfully. He answered questions and he was super funny. He said 'i just tried to give 2 general conference talks in a row to get the members to help out you missionaries.'' Direct quote. Point- elder Ballard thinks its really important that the members and missionaries work together. And aftwerards our mission president got to speak to us, he is out of the hospital and doing great. He then said some of the most powerfull words of love i have ever heard, and that was following an apostle. My mission president, pres. Tew is the biggest spiritual giant i have ever seen, and i say that after recieving a direct training from an Apostle. He is the man.

In other news, B came to church yesterday. We had her come to a bbq ealier in the week with a member, and that member then offered her a ride to church. She accepted and that member and her are now like best friends. the ward is doing a great job at making her feel welcomed ,and she is continueing to progress. This last week she said "I feel that the more i have been talking to you and reading the mormon book that i have been changing for the better. I want to make those changes so i can keep these feelings i have." The spirit is changing her and it is because she is putting in the work and is so prepared. Keep praying for her, its working everybody.

This last week we had to do a ton of stuff, like meetings and taking people to the doctors, but the time we did have to work was really blessed and we just had solid lessons with solid peoplel. I feel such a good spirit and joy for missionary work right now, i guess thats what follows a visit from Elder Ballard. Just in case you dont remember, but elder Ballard was also the Apostle that came and talked to us in the MTC, so now i have had 2 in person missionary trainings from the same apostle who is all about missionary work. Super lucky.

I love you family, thank you for everything, and keep praying for those missionary opportunities.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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